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aims and objectivs of tesco

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Aims and objectives What is a mission statement? A mission statement shows the companies main priorities. Tesco's mission statement is to retain loyal customers, this shows to the world that Tesco expects to make sure that the customers they have come back to them and don't go to their competitors. The reason that Tesco has a mission statement is so that their shareholders and customers know where the business is heading. For Tesco to achieve this they must set themselves aims. Tesco aims are to keep their customers happy this is because if they do this then this will mean that the customers of Tesco will be happy at Tesco so will stay with them and not go to the competitors of Tesco therefore Tesco is retaining loyalty from its customers. For Tesco to achieve its aims it must set itself small objectives. What are Tesco's objectives? Tesco aim is to retain loyal customers to do this Tesco has to set them selves objectives these are small targets that help Tesco to achieve their big aim. Tesco's objectives are to keep customers happy, to achieve high profit margins, to motivate workers, expand abroad, support economic issues and to be friendly towards the environment. ...read more.


the following ways: Gave money to charities this showed the community that Tesco is a caring business that helps people all around the world. Tesco also looked after the environment by planting trees outside their stores this showed the community that Tesco are environmentally friendly and that they care about the community's surroundings. How successful has Tesco been in meeting their aims and objectives? My research into Tesco over the last few weeks has shown that Tesco is successful in achieving their aims and objectives. We can see this by looking at Tesco's market share, which is 29%. Tesco has succeeded by taking over the American business Wal-Mart (Asda) and the former UK supermarket leader Sainsbury. Tesco has achieved this success by responding to the needs of their customers, as the customers are the key to any businesses success. Tesco have been very successful in achieving their aims and objectives we can see this in the amount of profit that Tesco have made in the last five years: The graph shows that Tesco have a achieved their aims very well this is because Tesco's profits have been rising year by year this therefore shows us that Tesco have been meeting their aim and objectives as they have been attracting more and more customers which have been giving more and more profit to Tesco which therefore means that Tesco are becoming very successful. ...read more.


If Tesco has a play area for children it will attract more customers that have children, as Tesco are the only superstore that offers this service. I also recommend Tesco to improve their Internet shopping by making it more secure as potential customers of Tesco are worried that their personal information could be stolen. The ways in which Tesco can make their internet shopping safer is by making there website hacker free, this will therefore make internet customers feel more secure and open with their information. I recommend that Tesco should also make their stores more ethnic so that they appeal to customers from all around the world. The way that they can make there stores more ethnic is by employing customers that speak a variety of languages so that they can understand people that are from different countries. The way that Tesco can get customers that speak a variety of languages is by training them to speak different languages. Another way is if for example the store is located in Slough where there is a large community of Indians and Pakistanis then Tesco can employ people who can speak Punjabi or Urdu because this is the main population in Slough. The advantage of having more ethnic stores is that Tesco not only appeal to customers from the UK they also appeal to customers that have come from other countries. ...read more.

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