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Alcopops - design a new business.

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Business Studies Coursework Introduction: For my GCSE Business studies coursework, I have been asked to design a new business. I have decided on creating a new range of Alco-pops for retail in the United Arab Emirates. To complete the coursework I will be required to, explain my idea thoroughly, and go into depth on how I will go about deciding whether it will be a profitable business. I will use a variety of methods to obtain and analyse evidence to back up my case. I will be required to talk to the intended market to find out what is currently required in the marketplace. Dubai is situated in the United Arab of Emirates, a country in the Middle East. Less than a century ago Dubai was predominantly desert, at a time where the industrial revolutions was taking place in the UK, Dubai didn't have no running water, no roads and the main form of transport was camel back. But in the 1960s this all changed, Dubai struck oil, and became very rich over night. Since then the population has been increasing vastly, with over a million people working and residing in Dubai. Dubai from desert has become the new Manhattan, with its skyline being much larger and appealing then the ones of the United States. This has caused for the tourism industry to boom, resulting in over 400 hotels opening in Dubai alone, all meriting themselves on their high ratings. Dubai boasts having the mostly highly rated hotel in the world, The Burj al Arab. Dubai is growing at increasingly fast speeds, and entrepreneurs have seen the markets potential. There are billions of dollars being invested into Dubai. Companies have flocked here as they have realised that Dubai's economy is going to boom and everyone in it will profit. The United Arab of Emirates is an Islamic state and therefore there are very strict rules on consummation of alcohol. ...read more.


This is because reputation can be lost very easily but it is very hard to gain, and can be costly to a company. Customer relations ensure that customers are treated well with courtesy and politeness, and are given a good image of the business. They also enforce certain pledges that will be beneficial to the customer, to help increase the publics view on the company. Bigger businesses use celebrity endorsements to increase the companies images. By getting celebrities to say good stuff about a product that gets the public to go out and try a product as celebrities opinions are viewed highly in the publics view. Promotional Questions As previously stated promotion is a major part of creating a successful product. It allows people to learn of the existence of a product, which in my case is my new range of alco-pops. Without people knowing of its existence sales would be low. There are many different methods of advertising, and depending on the location various different methods work for different reasons. To find out what methods work in Dubai, I asked in my questionnaire what form of advertising attracted that individual. The results of this question are shown below My results show that television is the most favoured form of advertising, with 13 out of 30 selecting it. Television has proven to be a very successful form of advertising because if put in between a particular program, then a certain market segment can be targeted. Also it can be put in peak television time, this is when many people are watching television and therefore many people will see the advert. Although these are very successful methods, it is also very expensive to advertise on television in peak time, and I feel that I wouldn't have enough capital to start off with to afford television advertising. My results show that radio is the second more favoured form of advertising. ...read more.


being spent on it, therefore I feel that Jimmy Dix as a bar will grow too, and could be become one of the biggest bars in Dubai. Therefore making strong link with the management of that bar at an early stage will be very worthwhile. Hard Rock is an internationally renowned bar that has opened up all over the world. It is very successful, and because of its high reputation guarantees a lot of customers. It is located near the marina and probably the biggest bar on that side of Dubai. Again by selling my drinks at that bar it allows for our name to get known on the international side. Left bank got 3 votes, Left Bank is a nice bar, although it mainly targets the older population. My questionnaire has shown that older people tend not to drink alco-pops and instead drink liquors. Hence I feel that this bar wouldn't be suitable to sell my drink at. Harvesters is part of the Crowne Plazza hotel, and therefore it gets a lot of customers both from visitors of the hotel and from people living in Dubai. It is in a very popular part of Jumeirah and it received three votes. I feel that it would be good bar to sell my drinks at. Scarlets is very close to Harvesters, and is a nice bar although didn't receive any votes as it isn't as popular as the others. I have decided against allowing them to sell my drink for two reasons one of which is that we are selling it at Harvesters which is in direct competition with Scarlets and also as it isn't that popular. All together I have decided that it will be sold at Trilogy, Jimmy Dix, Hard Rock and Harvesters. I have tried to chose bars in different locations of Dubai, and ones that are very successful. By having them spread out I can be sure that my drink is reaching various different markets who live in the different areas. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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