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Alternative approach to quality control/assurance

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ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO QUALITY CONTROL/ASSURANCE In order to improve quality City Limits could adopt quality circles; this is when all the employees want to improve quality. They meet at frequent and regular intervals to discuss problems encountered at City Limits with the aim of finding solutions. The quality circles solve problems that relate to safety productivity of certain departments, cost reduction, improving the working environment and quality. The problems that occur in the business always have an impact on quality and output, so if they are identified by the employees who actually do the job, these problems can be solved and quality can be improved or maintained. Because quality circles will involve every employee at city Limits directly involved in the problem if solved it encourages and motivates the team to take pride in its work and accept responsibility for the output. This also empowers the employees, Herzberg's motivation theory. ...read more.


Having a reward linked to quality makes the employees work hard but also maintaining the quality of the service they provide for the customers meaning that the reputation of city limits is improved. However linking quality to a financial reward means that City Limits will have to pay out a lot of money in form of wages, salaries or bonuses; this will be too expensive for the company and might reduce its profits. City Limits could use benchmarking; this is the motivation for continuous improvement by the company and its employees. The concept of this is that City Limits compares itself to another company that is better than it but in the same industry and aims to be as good as that company. All the departments have to work together in order for this to happen. Benchmarking involves a number of stages: first City Limits has to decide what needs benchmarking? ...read more.


Those quality circles have disadvantages, the advantages out weigh the disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of quality circles is that managers might hand over too much responsibility to the workers but I think this is less likely to happen at City limits because there are not very many managers at City limits. Using quality circles will affect all the departments at City Limits, as they will have to make time for employees to attend quality circle meetings and arrange them. Also a decisions will have to be made on who would attend these meeting and decide on who will take part in quality circles then encourage them to take part. However because of the style of management and business culture of City Limits the use of quality circles would have an impact on the quality but would not mean that the departments will have to change what they are already doing. Quality circles would fit in very well as manager already value their employee's opinions and them in consideration. Candidate No 1541 " " from advanced business ...read more.

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