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Alternative approaches that might enable WHSmith to better meet its objectives.

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Alternative approaches that might enable WHSmith to better meet its objectives When examining how WHSmith can make alternative approaches to help them meet their objectives better, I must look back over whether the new approaches will help them meet their objectives, the communication channels used, the various functions, culture, management styles and the organisational structure of the business. When looking at alternative approaches I feel that one way they could help meet their objectives better would be to have Internet access in the Milton Keynes branch. The reasons why having computers with the Internet on would be that firstly it will bring the store into the 21st Century, and will make them one of the most hi-tech shops in Milton Keynes city centre. This should, and would, help to bring more customers into the store, which will inevitably increase profits. The reasons why customers would like this is because if they were going shopping to WHSmith to purchase some goods they would be able to go, say, upstairs to the internet computers and relax on nice comfy chairs and go on the Internet, or have a bite to eat. This would help to benefit those who do not have access to the Internet at home due to either no computers or no Internet. This could also be turned into an Internet caf� to make it feel like a more homely environment, and to enable customers, who may be of an elderly age, to feel more comfortable. This would please customers, as shown by the objectives being met in A2. ...read more.


This has meant that when members of staff have been late, employees have had to consult the manager about these members of staff who are late or continue to be late. This meant that it would waste time as both the employee and the manager would have to discuss this either formally or informally. However, due to this clocking-in system it will mean the consultation between the manager and employee will not need to take place as it did before. This will help to save the managers time - so that he can use time more constructively towards helping them meet their objectives. Also with the consultative management style in place, and the clocking in system, it means that the manager will be able to see who has turned up late and then talk to them about why they are late and whether the employee will continue to be late. This consultative style will work very well so that problems with punctuality can be resolved. It would be different if there was an autocratic management style in place because if employees were late repeatedly they wouldn't be able to try and explain their lateness, instead they would be sacked. This is why WHSmith will need a clocking-in system so that they will be able to sack employees via consultation, as they will have evidence that employees are not arriving on time. The manager at WHSmith may not want to sack his employees - but if the store is to expand and diversify it will need to take the appropriate action to help them achieve their aims and objectives. ...read more.


This is because the aim of the store and the business as a whole is to please customers in every way possible. This will be achieved as best as possible with the introduction of the new tills as it will help to keep the queues in store to a minimum, which will effectively help to keep customers pleased. With customers being kept happy it will mean that they will want to shop in WHSmith, and because they will not have to wait long to buy products it will mean "customer satisfaction" will be achieved. The importance of this is massive to the store (and the company) because they do not want to be losing valuable custom to rival stores simply because queuing times are longer. Customers may not mind paying say 50p or a �1 more for a product if they have to queue 10 minutes longer. Especially at this time of year (Christmas) customers want to pay for goods quickly as they have a lot of hopping to do. The way Smith's will want to keep their customers happy (customer satisfaction) is by doing everything they can that an everyday customer would want - cheap prices and short queuing times. WHSmith's do have very reasonable prices on their goods, usually better than rivals, but have recently been let down by long queues. The opening of more tills in store will help to bring in more income and help keep customers happy. This means that the type of culture they have in place is correct for the store and will help the new approach to meeting their objectives be achieved. This again is continued in A2 where the effects of the installation of more tills on various aspects of the business are analysed. A1 Philip Walker ...read more.

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