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Alternative ways of Monitoring share prices.

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Alternative ways of Monitoring share prices. For this part of the course work I will be telling you the ways I could be monitoring my share price and comparing Advantages and Disadvantages. The first way I would be monitoring my shares price is via the phone, all I have to do is ring up a line and ask them what the shares price of my company is. The Advantages of this is speed, I don't have to waste much time and it's very simple. The Disadvantages of it is that it might be a premium rate number therefore charging money per minute, they could also be unreliable and they could be no one on the line, wasting a lot of valuable time. The second way I would monitor my shares is to have an agent who will phone you when he finds out the news. The Advantages of having an agent is that they can give you advice on buying shares and they are very reliable and trustworthy. ...read more.


There are three types of stock broking service. Execution-only, which means that the broker will only carry out the client's instructions to buy or sell. Advisory dealing, where the broker advises the client on which shares to buy and sell, but leaves the final decision to the investor. Discretionary dealing, where the stockbroker ascertains the client's investment objectives and then makes all dealing decisions on the client's behalf. So depending on what type of service I choose, I can monitor the share prices easily. Advantages The Broker can tell me what shares' to buy and what to sell he can also keep me up to date and give me useful advice. The disadvantages are that his advice might be unreliable, Stock brokers also cost a lot of money therefore making it a disadvantage. The fifth way I could be monitoring my share price is on the internet which is easy to log in to and you can do it from anywhere at anytime. ...read more.


have to do is find out what page number your share's are on and you're done, It is also a very reliable and efficient source when it comes to share prices as they're updated often. The disadvantage of Teletext is the minor problem of not knowing the page of the prices you wish to view, this may be time consuming, but it is only needed once. Over all I think teletext is the best way to monitor share prices because once you know how to use it, Time is effectively saved and no problems remain, However if you don't have a TV, which is less likely as society commonly uses TV then you would need to use the internet, which is also another easy way to monitor share prices, and is next best after Teletext I normally use the internet at school when I'm monitoring share prices to find out what my shares are, because I can't use a TV for this therefore I use the second best source, the Internet. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ryan Austin 1/10/08 ...read more.

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