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Amazon, Texas Instruments and Nissan- Comparison of Production

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Amazon, Texas Instruments and Nissan Comparison of Production Q: Compare and contrast Amazon, Texas Instruments and a car manufacturer of your choice. Focus on production. Amazon is mostly labour intensive, with manual work for such as collecting and packaging items. Texas Instruments (TI), on the other hand is predominately capital intensive, with lots of machinery needed to produce the products, and as little as just 4 employees needed in the later stages of processing the chips. Nissan has a more balanced mix of of both capital intensive and labour intensive, an example of this would be on the assembly line, where both robotics and manual labour and both reliant on eachother. ...read more.


Amazon produce no specific item as such, they package goods that have been ordered. Extensive quality control checks are made in TI, to check the Quality of the products on the chips they produce. Nissan go one stage further, and prioritise customer satisfaction in their Total Quality Management system, to help make sure all their cars are to a good standard for their customers. The workforces differ in each of the businesses compared. There is emphasis on workers to complete production quickly to cover high demand, though little or no training is needed for the workforce. TI undergoes specialist work with the use of machinery, which requires specialist training. ...read more.


Amazon is mostly labour intensive, which is partly similar to Nissan. The cleanliness levels are not high in Amazon, but related to their production, and also some parts of Nissan's production, this is not essential. However, I do not believe Amazon should be classed as a production company because of other, more important factors. There is little or no training required at Amazon's production process, this is down to the actual product. Separate products are pieced together and posted off while being packaged, there is no real process that changes the products at Amazon, also meaning a lack of need for quality checks. Although there are signs for Amazon of being a production company, I believe they are just an advanced retailer, with the production process in place to cope with the high demand they get. ...read more.

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