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An analysis of the current activities of Cherwell District Council's Environmental Services Department and the way it provides a service to its users.

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Diploma in Management Studies Module: Managing Quality of Service Assignment: An analysis of the current activities of Cherwell District Council's Environmental Services Department and the way it provides a service to its users. Student: Shamsul Islam May 2002 (Word count: 2,421) Contents 1.0 Background 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Customers/Stakeholders 4.0 Service Delivery 5.0 Performance Management 5.1 Benchmarking 5.2 Service Users and Stakeholder Consultation 6.0 Improvement Plan 7.0 Conclusion Appendices References and Bibliography 1.0 Background Cherwell District Council's Environmental Services Department is made up of two sections (Environmental Services and Amenity Services), which deliver a wide range of diverse services (see Table 1). Table 1. Services offered by the Environmental Services Department. Environmental Services Amenity Services Food Safety/Health and Safety in businesses Waste Collection/Recycling Animal Welfare/Dog Warden Service Street Cleaning Pollution Control/Noise Nuisance Pest Control Service Health Promotion and Disability Issues Environmental Strategy/Agenda 21 This report looks at some of the services provided by the commercial team within environmental services who are responsible for food/health and safety law enforcement, infectious disease control, food/water sampling, licensing/registration, complaint investigation and offering information and training. 2.0 Introduction The majority of the activities of the commercial team are mandatory imposed on the Council by statute such as the Food Safety Act and the Health and Safety at Work etc Act. The section's activities are also monitored through quarterly reports to the Chief Executive of the Council, the Food Standards Agency and The Health and Safety Executive. Despite the regulatory function of the section which is primarily the enforcement of the law, it none the less provides a service which is described as "the combination of outcomes and experiences delivered to and received by a customer" (Johnson & Clark, 2001 p9). Figure 1 lists some of the aspects of the service experience, which can be used when assessing the quality of the service provided. * the extent of personalisation of the process * the responsiveness of the service organisation * the flexibility of customer-facing staff * customer intimacy * the ...read more.


2 3 Food Hygiene Education 3 4 3 3 2 Food Safety Promotion 3 3 1 1 4 Staff Training 4 3 3 4 3 Communication with Stakeholders 3 1 2 2 3 Costs 2 1 2 2 1 TOTALS 36 32 29 30 31 The Hampshire/Isle of White Bench Marking Matrix Quality & Performance Matrix - Occupational Health and Safety Hampshire and Isle of White Benchmarking Group Score Enforcement Policy Quality Assurance System Staff Competency 4 * Formally adopted by Council * Complaint with HSC guidance and consistent with enforcement concordat principles * Publicised using not less than 2 methods for both business and the public * 100% of actions taken consistent with policy * Covers all occupational health and safety systems * External accreditation to ISO 9000 * Full document control * HELA Strategy fully adopted * Full internal auditing carried out * Participates in full inter-authority auditing scheme with management review * Documented peer review scheme covering all health and safety enforcement officers * Active participation in Benchmarking Club * All staff qualified & competent for the tasks undertaken * Accreditation to IIP * Learning needs assessment undertaken annually for all staff * Annual staff development plan produced * Adequate resources available to meet staff development plan * Service managed by Competent person as defined by S18 HSC(G)4 * Staff development Policy & Programme in accordance with S18 HSC(G)3 * 3 * Formally adopted by Council * Compliant with HSC guidance and consistent with enforcement concordat principles * Publicised using at least one method for both business and the public * At least 95% actions taken consistent with policy * Covers at least 75% of health and safety systems * Full document control * HELA Strategy full adopted * Limited internal auditing with management review * Participates in full inter-authority auditing scheme with management review * At least 50% of staff covered by documented peer review scheme * All staff qualified & competent for the tasks undertaken * Learning needs assessment ...read more.


Education: 2nd (56) Advice: 3rd (29) 12. How many have access to Internet ?: 109 13. How many would use it for advice ?: 95 14. How many businesses would prefer to receive letters by email ? 14 15. How many private individuals would prefer to receive letters by email ?: 34 16. How many would prefer to access application forms electronically ? 77 Appendix 6. Stakeholder Consultation Letter Environmental Services Department ??? Eileen Edwards BSc (Hons) DMS Head of Environmental Services Grahame Helm FRSH MCIEH Environmental Health Manager "First" "Last" "Position" "Company" "Add_1" "Add_2" "Add_3" "Town" "County" "Post_code" Bodicote House * Bodicote Banbury * Oxfordshire OX15 4AA Telephone 01295 252535 Textphone 01295 221572 DX 24224 (Banbury) www.cherwell-dc.gov.uk Please ask for Shamsul Islam Our ref si 09 best value Your ref Direct Dial 01295 221616 Fax 01295 264394 Email shamsul.islam@cherwell-dc.gov.uk 28 September 2001 Dear "Title" "Last" This Department is currently undergoing a Best Value Review. Part of this process requires us to look at all our services to ensure that all that come into contact with the Environmental Services Department receive the information, advice and support, ensuring a Best Value Service. A number of topics have been identified to be included in a more detail review. Admin Support and Complaint investigation are two of these topics. You may at some point have had contact with the Environmental Services Department regarding complaints and/or requests for further information in some form or another. It may have been just to pass information on, to give us details of complaints, or you may have needed to contact us for advice. Or we may have contacted you to pass complaint and/or information onto you. Whatever your reasons for contacting us, I would welcome any comments from you when you had contact with our Department, from first contact by phone or letter, response times, advise given or the form in which it was given. I look forward to hearing from you and your comments will be greatly appreciated. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. ...read more.

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