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An Assessment of John Lewis’s Human Resources

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An Assessment of John Lewis's Human Resources Business Studies Coursework Introduction to assignment I am hoping to produce an analytical report on how a large business manages human resources. I aim to do this by providing a comprehensive overview of the human resources management showing it's importance to the business, including all four of the following functions and identification off any possible areas of conflict between these areas with a focus in depth on one of them: *Human resources planning *Recruitment and selection *Training and development *Performance management All work will be word processed so I can gain marks on my IT skills. Introduction to the company The John Lewis name first appeared in London in 1864 in Oxford Street, soon to emerge as the capitals most important retail district. From the start, the approach of the little draper's shop was quite distinctive. The owner was determined to guarantee to his customers not only that his prices were the most competitive. So well did this formula succeed with the shoppers of the age that by 1905 the small shop had grown into a large department store and Mr Lewis was poised to Double the size of his business through the acquisition of an ailing rival, Peter Jones in Chelsea, in the fashionable south-west of the capital. ...read more.


He laid down the principles on which the pay for each member of the partnership should be calculated - from the chairman down to the newest junior entrant. In parallel to the executive management, he appointed to positions of authority an independent team, whose function would be to act as a corporate conscience and safeguard the interests of all the partners - to ensure that the voice of every one could be heard by the management. The vindication of Spedan Lewis's vision has been nigh on ninety years of growth culminating in the enviable commercial success of today. The company, which began the twentieth century with one shop, entered the twenty-first with a chain of twenty-five department stores and a food division, Waitrose, with more than a hundred and thirty branches. Some parts of the business have been added by acquisition, some commissioned and built specially - and all ultimately paid for by the prudent reinvestment of Partnership funds. WHAT ARE THE RESPONSABILITIES OF HUMAN RESOURCES? Statistics are collected by the human resources in John Lewis. They cover the following main areas: The number of employees in particular job categories The skills available Performance results Promotion potential Age distribution and length of service Explanation of each responsibility? ...read more.


Human resources planning is concerned with getting the right people, using them well and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation. In order to meet the organisations aims successfully it is necessary to identify the means of using people in the most effective way and to identify any problems that are likely to occur (for example in recruiting the best people), and then coming up with solutions to the problems identified. Overview of John Lewis HR Planning John Lewis Human Resources is excellent. They know what they are doing and they do run effectively. Due to the fact that there Human Resources Planning has been eunning effectively it has helped to give the company a turnover of �3,517.6m. John Lewis can be tough on there members but it helps to make John Lewis a more profitable place. They know when certain people need promotion. I feel that sometimes certain members will never go anywhere in the company because of managers higher ranked staff will giec certain members bad appraisals because they do not like certain people when infact that certain member should be on some sort of management scheme. John Lewis Human Resources Planning keeps control of sickness, absentees, leave, employing new members to John Lewis, and looking at members for promotion. ...read more.

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