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An Investigation and a Report into the Customer Services at Homebase.

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An Investigation and a Report into the Customer Services at Homebase Introduction The company that I have chosen to do my research on is Homebase. Homebase has over three hundred stores in the UK, which provides a number of services. Homebase was founded in 1971 and they the first store were opened in Croydon, Surrey in 1981. They serve over a million customers each week. The main focus of their company is to sell products within the store, which are outdoor furniture, lighting, D.I.Y, bathrooms. They also provide other services, which is an online and in-store services, a deluxe paint mixing service, timber and board cutting and bathroom installation service. Here is the location of Homebase in Sittingbourne: What is Customer Service? Customer service is an important aspect of a business; it is what the business provides for the customers. For a company to be successful it must have good customer service, the company will make a lot more money and will keep customers, which is cheaper then gaining customers. To have good customer service employees must have a good attitude towards customers and be positive towards their company. This is because the customers will enjoy their service and come back for more. All staff will be trained on the customer service programme to ensure that the business will keep up to the high level of their service. Some businesses will deliver physical products, which means they might not see themselves as a service, but still the customers will measure the businesses customer service on the experience that they have on the before sale and after sale. The importance of customer service for Homebase is to serve their neighbours (customers) and to create a long and loyal relationship. They also want to do there part in community and help out in what ever they can. Types of Customer Mainly, there are two different types of customers; these are internal and external customers. ...read more.


They also have a timber and board-cutting service, whenever you need timber or any sheet of materials cut to measure then you can get it cut in-store by their professionally trained staff. Homebase also offer a 'Homebase extra choice' you can choose from 5000 extra products which can be ordered in. These include customised nameplates, wall coverings and textiles, garden sheds and green houses. The other options to improve customer service is to introduce a cr�che for the larger stores so that families can drop off their child when they enter the store and their children will be looked after and they would be able to play in the cr�che and have fun whist the parents are shopping. The company can introduce brail for people who cant see properly, or introduce hearing loops for people to have problems hearing this would improve the company but would cost a bit, but it would improve customer service. Also the company has promotions through out the year to emphasising products for example Homebase will have percentages of products and half-price products. Here are a few of some products that are on promotion: This will attract customers to come in and have a look, and maybe when they walk in they see a good offer and might purchase the product or service. Legal processes of consumer protection The consumer may need help to ensure that they get a fair deal when making an exchange with an organisation. There are many acts that can be taken; for example the criminal justice system. They deal with cases where the laws of the country have been broken; these laws help to protect members of society. Cases may be brought to court and a fine or imprisonment will take place or maybe both. There is another one called the civil law, which is concerned between individuals and groups. This law is to protect individuals and groups against each other. ...read more.


It is also quick and easy to do and won't take much time. Homebase offer a service 'buy now pay later' If you spend over �100 you don't have to pay anything for three months, if you spend over �195 you don't have to pay for six months, if you spend over �500 you don't have to pay anything for nine months, if you spend over �1000 you don't have to pay for twelve months. By having this card it will make customers buy more expensive products or services because they would be able to pay back within a reasonable time. This gives the customer time to save money. Homebase also offer a 'spend and save' programme, when you sign up you will be able to save money within the store. There are five savings levels Level 1 up to �200 2 points earned per � Saving 2% Level 2 �200 to �300 4 points earned per � Saving 4% Level 3 �300 to �400 6 points earned per � Saving 6% Level 4 �400 to �500 8 points earned per � Saving 8% Level 5 �500+ 10 points earned per � Saving 10% When you reach a minimum of �50 spending level Homebase will send you a statement, then you will be able to go to the till when you next shop and will be able to claim your reward. All of this will help improve and appraise customer service within the company and will keep all the customers happy and will be able to buy products or services which they wont be able to afford there and then so they would be able to pay it off within months, it depends on how much they spend. Also the more they spend the more points they get and will be able to spend there points in Homebase. Daniel Wood Customer Service AVCE Business ...read more.

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