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An investigation in to the marketing activities of Going Places Oladimeji Jinadu

Extracts from this document...


Introduction 3 Marketing Mix 4 Banner 1: A Description Of The Products And Services That 5 Going Places Organisation Offers 5 Banner 2: Details of the pricing of the products and services that Going places offer. 6 Banner 3: A description of how the products and services are made available place: 8 Banner 4: Information on the promotional techniques and materials Going places uses also including research methods Going places has used to Target Promotion: 10 Banner 5 A Description of the market segments that Going Places has chosen to Target: 14 P1: The use of appropriate sources of information that assist me with my investigation of marketing activities and the production of promotional materials 24 Products 25 Howell 25 P3: A basic understanding of marketing by using some technical language correctly when presenting the finding of the investigation. 30 P4: an item of promotional material that information in a way that is suitable for its target market. 30 Merit Criteria: 1 32 M2: Promotional material that shows imagination and is accurately and appropriate for its target audience. 36 D1: analysis of relevant information to produce a detailed and accurate accountant of the marketing activities of Going Places and a high quality item of promotional materials. 37 D2: Evaluating the success of Going Places promotional techniques and materials: 37 D3: how you would evaluate the success of Going Places promotional techniques and materials. 38 Introduction I am a leisure and tourism student of Havering Sixth Form College currently doing part1 GNVQ. I have been asked to investigate on how all the marketing activities of an organisation is done. For this assignment I have decided to choose Going places as my organisation. I will be investigating how all the marketing activities is done as in investigating how they use promotional materials and techniques to persuade their customers to go holiday with them. Also, I will be investigating the standard and quality of their promotional materials and techniques. ...read more.


The target markets for this picture are different people with different age, social group and so on. The market segments are Age, Social Group and Lifestyle. Picture 3: This pictures shows family having fun in the swimming pool. The target markets for this are families. The market segment it belongs to is social group. Picture 4: Picture 4 shows a luxury hotel room. This is a standard hotel with leisure facilities. The target market for this are couples and people with high income and social group who belong to category A. The reason is that they can afford the hotel cost and they would want high taste while on holiday. The market segments lifestyle and social group. Having achieved the promotional campaign and knowing that the target markets are and the segment that they belong to. The most important thing to do is to identify the promotional techniques and material, which is going to be used so as to meet the target market and the aim of the campaign. What are the promotional techniques Going places use and why? Going places use advertisement and display. They are using advertisement because they advertise their products in brochure, Teletext and Internet. There are different types of brochures for different holiday. Picture and images of what the holiday look like are included in the brochures. Also the prices of holiday are also included and timetable schedules for flights are included. They use display in front of their shops so as people walking by and wish to go on holiday will see the types of holidays they offer. What promotional material are they using and why? Going places use posters and brochures. They use this because they are able to persuade their customers with the use of colours, different images and also pictures of what the holiday look like. They also include pictures of different leisure activity for kid, adults and hotel grades. Also, flight schedule and price and offers on the holiday are inclusive in the brochures. ...read more.


They aslo use the internet to advertise products. This is good because they write in much details on different types of holiday. They also use different colours to enhance their products. Pictures are also scan to describe the holiday. It is also good because they have different types of international websites. Also, they have their slogan on the website. Sales promotion is also one of their promotional techniques. They do different offers to get more customers which is absolutely good. I don't think they need to improve on it because they have different offer. Going Places aslo use display as one of their promotional techniques. They display their products mostly on their stores windows. I think its good because they design it to standard. But what I think its bad about them is that they don't use other materials like football stadium to display their products. I think they should improv it by displaying their products on football stadium, local and national buses, postbills and so on. D3: how you would evaluate the success of Going Places promotional techniques and materials. I think that the organisation promotional techniques and material that I mentioned in D2 have been sucessful because of the following factors: I known they have been a sucessful organisation because I personally logged on to the Internet to get ecomonical informations on the finicial ascept of the organisation. I looked at there finicial review profit before tax for year 2001 which was �110.1 million in United Kingdom only. They achieve this profit because of the promotional techniques and materials used. This has been improved that year. Also, I have compare the organisation with different competitors like Thomas cook and First choice. But I decided to compare the profit made from Going Places and First Choice in year 2001 which is same month. Going places made �110.1million as profit before its taxed while First Choice made �79.6million as profit before tax. From this finicial analysis, I could see that Going Places as been sucessful. They achieve this once more with different offers, promotional techniques and promotional materials used. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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