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Analyse how businesses are organised

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´╗┐Analyse how businesses are organised Functional Areas A functional area is a department of people within a business. The functional areas of Sainsbury?s are: 1. Human Resources department. 2. Finance department. 3. Administration department. 4. Marketing department. 5. Production department. 6. Customer services department. The Sainsbury?s Human resources department: 1. Arranges staff training and development activities, like how to lift heavy load and how to stack them onto shelves. 2. Maintains staff records such as absences and pay rates, so if an employee is ill. Sainsbury?s Human resources department would record it on their database. 3. Monitors and maintains good working conditions, Sainsbury?s pay money to ensure their working conditions are at high enough standards. 4. Recruits staff. 5. Issues new contracts. The Sainsbury?s Finance department: 1. Advises managers about sources of finance. 2. Produces financial documents. ...read more.


The Administration departments help the running of the business because people can arrange meetings with their stores to check if they are following safety procedures and are making maximum sales and profit. The Marketing department helps the running of the business because they promote Sainsbury?s product attracting new customers to maximise sales. The Production department produces products so Sainsbury?s are able to sell products. The Customer Services department helps the running of the business because they gather information from customers in order to improve the quality of their service. When the Sainsbury?s functional areas work well together this helps the business to achieve their aims and objectives because each department will be working to the best of their ability, therefore they will make more profit and attract more customers. Communication Then difference between internal and external communication is that internal communication is communication within an organisation to different departments, stores and managers. ...read more.


Functional area communicates with each other to inform other departments of recent events. Like, the financial department inform the market department they aren?t making enough profit so they tell them to advertise more. The customer service department may inform the human resources department by letter of problems made by customers. Then the human resources department will tell its employers through verbal communication with a meeting. The most useful forms of communication to those external to the business are electronic and visual communication. This is because they are quick, more engaged and you can communicate to more than one person at once. This could be useful when advertising a product on T.V. The most useful forms of communication to those within the business are written and oral communication because it is quick, cheap and easy to use; it can also contain lots of information. The most useful form of communication within departments is oral communication because it is very direct so feedback can be received immediately. Information can be transferred confidentially and immediately. ...read more.

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