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Analyse how businesses are organised

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Activity 2: Analyse how businesses are organised INTRODUCTION: For this assignment I have been asked to write a report focusing on the larger business of my two chosen businesses from activity one. I will consider the type of organisation structure the business has, I will also consider the functional areas of the business. The last point I will consider is the forms of communication used in the business and whether they allow they allow the functional areas to work together. As a Business gets larger it's important to be well organised reason being: * Everyone will know what their job is * Everyone will know who are they responsible for * It helps to motivate the workers HSBC: HSBC is a PLC (Public limited Company) and the world's largest bank and the world's 6th largest company. They have big aims and big objectives and they are a very successful business. ...read more.


One of the most important functional areas is Human Resources. According to Wikipedia Human Resources definition is "... a term used to refer to how people are managed by organizations". This is a key element because business doesn't run without people. These are the key functions of Human Resources: * Recruitment and Selection * Redundancy * Industrial and Employee Relations * Record keeping of all personal data * Total Rewards: Employee benefits and compensation * Career development * Performance appraisal Workers many times use Human resources so their "voice" can be noticed and their demands are listen by higher member of the company. All issues with the personnel are solved by Human resources. Communication in Business According to the book "GSCE Business Studies third edition" the term communication means "... the process of converting information from one person to another in such a way that an accurate message is received and can be acted upon." ...read more.


The information passed is normally difficulties and information about procedures. Diagonal Communication: Diagonal Communication takes place with people at different levels from different Departments, e.g. information is passed from a negotiating sales and the office manager. At HSBC they use all kinds of communication possible such as: * Oral Communication: Face-to-Face communication, holding a conversation in person. Advantage: The message is clearly communicated and feedback is immediate. Disadvantage: Non-verbal communication may act as a barrier to effective communication. * Written Communication: As the name indicates is a information that is passed via any type of written document e.g. notices, bulletins and memo. Advantage: Information can be presented in a variety of ways using images and graphics which makes comprehension easier. Disadvantage: Even though they are sent to all workers some may not read newsletters. * Electronic Communication: Information sent via any ICT system e.g. fax and e-mail. Advantages: Messages can be sent and received quickly. Disadvantage: Not all receivers may have access to Fax or e-mail. ?? ?? ?? ?? BUSINESS UNIT 2 NGOZI IDALBERTO 9822 13227 ...read more.

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