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Analysing Job Roles - managers, supervisors and sales assistants

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Aaron Patel 10A1 Analysing Job Roles B1 Manager (Tim)- is the manager who controls resources and expenditures. Key Responsibilities The key responsibilities for are very important in the business as the job is at a high position. Their key responsibilities would be ? Make sure the legal requirements are met ? Decide on which targets should be set ? Control its section of the business in a positive way Main Tasks ? Keep staff informed of everything that is going on ? Resolve any disagreements in their own area ? scheduling work Job security The manager's job security is normally permanent if the business is doing well and how successful the business has been . If a business is not doing well some of the shareholders might vote the manager out. Problem solving A managers problem solving would be very important as his decision affects a lot of people and the organisation. It also needs to deal with daily problems which cannot resolved by anyone else. Skills and Qualifications needed The qualifications and skills to becoming a manager are very important. You need a good understanding of a lot of things ? ...read more.


If someone does lose their job as an operative it will be easy to rehire a new one. Decision making and problem making Operatives make decisions all the time and solve issues about their own jobs. Some operatives have more things to do than others as in they have get to make more freely choices. Some operatives would rather use their own judgement than follow precise instructions this is very important as if a problem was to arise the two different methods could both have a bad outcome. Skills The skills needed to become a good operative , are a lot and they mostly depend on the type of job. Most businesses expect operatives to be ? Do the best they can ? Work as hard as they can ? Very reliable for certain tasks ? Using their initiative a lot ? Get on with everyone at the work place ? Team Skills ? Problem solving skills ? Communication skills ? Technical skills Personal Qualities ? Honesty ? Loyalty Related Pay and Benefits Operatives pay vary in a big way as there is a big difference between different operatives. The average is �14,000 - �22,000. ...read more.


Competition is threatening the success of the business and employees are worried about their jobs. Ben should makr sure he can do as much as he can for the business,working to his full pontential and make sure he produces quality work. This would not affect the contract as he has to do those things himeself. The business is introducing new technology and all employees will need to learn how to use it. Ben would need to adapt himself to new skills and learn everything about the technology to ensure he could help if any people asked about the product. This might affect the contract as if he leanrs new skills this might or may change his job title. The business has decided to introduce new working practices and to introduce team working and multi-skilling. Ben again would also have to change the wayhe works with other people, and the new working practises would change his working hours, the team working he would have to ensure he does that himself. Some of this would affect the contract of employment,the new working practises would affect the contract as he has to do a certain number of hours a week and this practise would make it go over his times. The team working and multi-skilling,ben would have to ensure he changes that himself. ...read more.

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