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Analysing the Snappy Snaps store in Baker Street via Linear Programming method, we found out the production costs could be optimised by making number of staff redundant. The result from

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Introduction Technology is evolving ever more in our lives and playing a greater role everyday as speed and convenience are becoming more crucial for a success. Such technology trend has affected the world of photography and our day to day habits as people are becoming more digital dependant than analogue. Digital photography came into existence years ago but it is since 2000 that this industry has been experiencing a velocity of innovations and booming. Snappy Snaps is a franchise chain worldwide which operates in the UK through its 162 store layouts. The chain is well known for its quality as well as speed of servicing as most of operations would finish in less than an hour. The main area of focus for the business is the digital photo printing that is ever getting more popular within the nation. But the operation does not limit to photo printing; here is the list of services provided by snappy snaps: * Real photos from digital & film in one hour * Photos onto CD in one hour * Print from Print/Slide * Reprints and enlargements * Passport photos * Black and White developing and printing * Slide processing * 120 Developing and printing * Contact prints * Scanning of images onto CD * Photo promotional items/gifts * Photo manipulation * Poster restoration * Photos onto canvas * Design services * ...read more.


Regarding the service aspect, this is an intangible personal experience which cannot be transferred from one person to another. Further, the services provided at Snappy Snaps are produced and consumed simultaneous. The demand for services at Snappy Snaps fluctuates, depending on i.e. the time of the day. These variations imply some periods where the demand for photo or digital services falls short of the capacity to serve, which results in unoccupied servers and some times of waiting customers. The aim of this paper is to increase the capacity utilization at Snappy Snaps by better matching the supply and demand for the services provided. There are two alternative ways to consider the problem. One approach focuses on smoothing the demand another on the supply side of the problem. In view of the fact that it is difficult to influence the demand for photo and digital services, we believe that the best solution for Snappy Snaps is to adjust the service capacity to match the demand. In order to investigate and find optima in the allocation of human resources in Snappy Snaps, an analytic and numerical method will be applied. Adjustment of the service capacity There are some appropriated approaches regarding the adjustment of the service capacity. On the one hand side, Snappy Snaps can elaborate procedures for workshift scheduling, by increasing the numbers of employees in peak periods and reduce in off peak. ...read more.


+ 0.50 (X1+X2+X3) F = 108.5 (X1+X2+X3) (Excel Tabelle Snappy_service) Conclusion Analysing the Snappy Snaps store in Baker Street via Linear Programming method, we found out the production costs could be optimised by making number of staff redundant. The result from the productions in terms of developing and printing photos and on the other hand services in terms of serving the customers, suggest only one employee would be enough to meet the demand however the store requires a person for production and another one for serving the customers. Our suggestion to this case obviously would be present only two employees at a time instead of three which is the current policy of the store. However we should consider that we assumed all customers would only come to the store looking for digital photo printing (as it is the main focus of the business) but in reality there is vast number of other services provided in the store that are mentioned in the introduction. Taking such a fact into account, the current policy of having three employees all the time makes more sense than only two. The employees' scheduling for the sore should follow the order of having a person in charge of machines, a person for serving customers and store manager for taking care of the business as well as serving customers if needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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