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Analysis of research on the location of a new pizza shop.

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´╗┐Appendix 7 Recommendation Based on the analysis from the previous tasks to where we should sell the products. From the analysis I have decided that the best place to set up Samia?s Special Pizzas is in a situation where there will be lots of people to come to the pizza outlets and that Star city is a very special location where most of the targeted customers are. The key feature of the product is that the product that Samia?s special Pizzas will be selling be specially adapted so it will be suitable for different customers for example the pizzas have to be suitable for families and for individuals. The other key features of the product is that it needs to be made safely and it needs to meet the health and safety standards therefore the product needs to be complete up to customer satisfaction. So it can retain the status it has from the customers and it popularity. Many pricing strategies that the company should use are the price penetration or price skimming to maintain the amount of present customers. Critical evaluation of the research The most appropriate method to collect the information was to get he public involved with the survey because Samia?s Special ...read more.


I chose star City as one my Locations because since Samia?s special Pizzas is a food company it has to continuously purchase a lot of raw materials to make its foods items like pizzas and other dishes to make their products. Bulk reducing firms like Samia?s Special Pizzas needs to be located near to the source of their raw materials, or near to a supply of raw materials that produce the basic components that help to create a pizza. Samia?s Special Pizza does this in order to lower the cost of transporting the raw materials to and from places. For SWOT: Yes the SWOT analysis where I had gathered information was very useful to Samia?s Special Pizzas because it help us to identify the pits and the falls that can happen to the business. This is important because it shows us that the strengths and the weaknesses of the business and what this shows how the business will be handled. SWOT helps Samia?s Special pizzas to indicate where the greatest opportunities lie and this will help Samia?s Special Pizzas to develop a plan of action. This is able to helps Samia?s special Pizzas to have a clear view of the most important factors of the company. ...read more.


I feel confident that the finding s from the report provides a suitable and the correct recommendation for the company. I think that it would be useful if the company would do further research before the recommendations were added to the final strategy because when Samia?s Special Pizzas set up they need to make sure that they are one hundred percent sure with the conclusions that have been made from the results. I could be possible for the company to double check that the research that they have done is the best for the company and is good to go ahead with. Strengths of the report would be that the information that has been processed throughout the research is very reliable, as the information supplied has come from many types of reliable kinds of sources. Weakness of the report include that Samia?s Special pizza needs to make sure that the information that has been inputted from the questionnaire is correct and that the it may be possible that the business may need a large number of people to answer the questionnaire to get a bigger range of ideas and opinions. And different views that help to create a better range of ideas. Samia Ahmed SCGSG Centre number- 20315 Candidate number-5003 ...read more.

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