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Analysis of The Cadbury company.

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Task A Background to business The Cadbury's company started manufacturing chocolate in Birmingham in 1824. It was set up by Mr. John Cadbury. In the year 1847 the company changed when John and his brother Benjamin became partners and the company became known as the Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham. A year later the retail side of the business, which was allocated in Bull Street was passed to nephew, Richard Cadbury Barrow. In February 1854 the company received their first Royal warrant as 'manufacturers of cocoa and chocolate to Queen Victoria. The company still holds the royal warrants of appointment. In 1861 both Richard and George Cadbury took over the business when their father retired. The Cadbury brothers were dissatisfied with the quality of cocoa products that were being produced by manufacturers including their own, for this reason the brothers wished to improve the quality of Cadbury cocoa products as to help the business to survive and prosper. The brother visited to the Van Houten Factory in Holland, after the visited the Cadbury brothers, started using a new processing technique. The Cadbury brothers introduced this new process for pressing cocoa butter from cocoa beans, the process made a more palatable cocoa essence. The company remained in Birmingham for 32 years and by then the factory had become too small for the worker force. The brothers decided that they had to move the factory to larger premises. The source of the quote below is cadburys.co.uk site. "Why should an industrial area be squalid and depressing?" Both brothers asked. "Why should not the industrial worker enjoy country air and occupations without being separated from his work?" "If the country is a good place to live in, why not to work in?" In 1878 the company was move to Bournville. After the death of Richard Cadbury in 1899, the Cadbury business became a private limited company: Cadbury Brothers Limited. George Cadbury became the Chairman of the Company's new Board. The other directors were Barrow and William A. ...read more.


Cadburys products are purchased daily in their millions around the world and unless the company can consistently provide quality, value and satisfaction that their consumers expected or they will switch allegiance. Cadburys products fulfil a broad range of needs. Cadburys confectionery offers energy, taste, rewards and gift opportunities. Cadburys cater for these fundamental needs in a range of products which offer a huge variety of ingredients and styles. Variety is important. In their business freedom of choice means not only the freedom to seek new combinations of old favourites, but also new experiences. Cadburys cater for a wide range markets, gender and age and also by brand. The above also is used to segment the market which Cadburys operates. Segmentation is important as it helps Cadburys to promote specific brands towards a specific target market. Segmentation is easy to use as it is basically group people by their gender, age and interests. Cadburys has very large target market, as they sell their products to people of all ages, from under 12, under 21 and 21 and over aimed at both males and females. As the company targets young and old alike their ads and posters must be aimed at the group which the product is for. Cadburys targets in many ways they use posters, billboards television ads. Also by sponsorship, as Cadburys sponsor the nation's favourite soap "Coronation Street", this is generally aimed towards the females and some males. Specialist media services were provided by Barsby Rowe Media Consultancy which have continued to advise on the cost efficiency and viewer ship of the campaign while also helping Cadbury to fully exploit the huge volume and also range of the audience exposure that sponsoring Coronation Street would provide. Cadburys campaign helps to meet their aims and objectives of > To operate in a wide range of markets > To give satisfaction to customers. > Have a good reputation. ...read more.


In the recent years this as become more important because the increasing number of branded products. Packaging to successful it needs to be distinctive and recognisable and it should fit in well with the brand. The packaging images appropriate to that of the target markets. For example Cadburys packaging is bright and colourful and also all the packaging has the company logo, this is so that the customers know what they are buying. The packaging also the famous slogan of Cadburys "glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound" with the picture of milk pouring into the chocolate bar, is one of the all-time greats of British advertising. All most all of Cadburys products show this picture, somewhere on the packaging. Task D PRODUCT Cadburys have products that are suitable for their target markets. Cadbury puts their logo onto all package products, and adds a certain quality to their chocolate. PRICE Cadburys price their products competitively with their competitors. Cadburys products can be found in most local corner shops, Cadburys chocolates are price at the same price as their competitor: Example; Cadbury whole nut would cost 35 pence, while a Mars bar and Galaxy bar could also cost 35 pence. PLACE Cadbury sells anywhere where there is a demand for their products, special if there many customers that want to buy their products. Cadbury would sell their products to shops (business) that deals with beverages and confectionery like (Iceland, Sainsbury, Kwick Save, Tesco, Asda, Safeway) and also in post offices and newsagents and in vending machines. PROMOTION Through Cadburys promotional activities it can be clearly seen that they have been guided by their promotional and marketing objectives of "maximising profit" and also "to increase the sales". Achievement of these objectives enables the business to meet the business objectives of being "Number one product in a given market". Cadburys Company are the number one seller of chocolate confectionary product on the market, in the Europe and world-wide. Unit 3 Creative Product Promotion 5/4/2007 Task 1 Elizabeth Ellen Burke Page 1 of 12 ...read more.

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