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Ao3 Business Structure Task 3

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Ao3 Business Structure Task 3 1. Say how Manchester airport is organised: * Manchester airport has a hierarchy structure. This type of structure has: * Lots of layers of managers. * A small number of senior managers at the top of the structure. * A large number of workers at the bottom of the hierarchy. * This allows workers to work their way up gaining more authority & responsibility. * There is a clear position for every member of staff. 2. Describe the chains of command within Manchester airport structure. ...read more.


* It's difficult to supervise a large number of employees closely. 4. Describe how authority and responsibility work with Manchester airports structure: * The overall responsibility for Manchester airport lies with John Spooner who is the managing director of the company. * John Spooner delegates responsibility to four directors. They are: * Tim Mc Dermott (Head of aviation development) * Will Heynes (Product + Services director) * John Twigg (Head of planning and environment) * David Leather (Finance director) Will, Tim, David and John Twigg then pass on instructions to workers lower down the hierarchy. ...read more.


This will make sure that there are more highly skilled people at the airport and decisions are influenced by more people. 7. Advantages and disadvantages of Manchester airports new structure. Advantages of the flat structure Disadvantages of the flat structure * More team work. * More senior staffs that can make decisions. * Managers who have moved up to the top of the structure will be motivated. * Staff can be de-motivated by the lack of opportunities. * With more employees at the top of the hierarchy the wage bill will be higher. * Less opportunity for promotions. * Large span of control meaning supervision is difficult. By Ahsanul Islam ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahsanul Islam 10 YER 15-03-08 1 ...read more.

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