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Apple ipod Marketing Mix

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The Apple Ipod Marketing Mix Apple Ipod is currently in the growth stage, where more and more people are aware and purchasing the product, increasing product demand. Sales are growing rapidly and profits are rising quickly, however competition is increasing, as competitors are more aware of the tactics of Apple Ipod i.e. using new features to market their product. During this stage, there are also opportunities for wider distribution, which will result in higher sales. Price Apple Ipod will use cost base method to derive its prices. They will add a 65% profit margin to the cost of the product to gain efficient revenue. ...read more.


Advertising - Apple Ipod will spotlight on a successful advertising campaign comprising of magazine and television advertisements focusing on - The target market (teenagers and young adults) - How often they want the target market to be exposed to the advertisement - When they want to reach their target market - Most cost efficient methods to fulfil the above By doing this Apple Ipod will add value to their product by altering consumer perceptions Below-the-line promotions Apple Ipod will use a direct method to induce customers to purchase their product by offering any Ipod per customer for half the value price with every purchase of a new Apple Ipod. ...read more.


business Product The Apple Ipod is very simple in design, with only the screen and navigation circle that separate it from simply a piece of plastic and metal. (And in later models not even the screen distinguishes as otherwise.) The product is very successful due to what is stated above and throughout this essay but also because: -The simple design allows people not necessarily in the target audience to operate it. -It's very aesthetically pleasing, which will attract customers. -Very powerful in it's storage capacity when it comes to expensive models. -Ergonomically designed (fits in your hand nicely and you can reach all the buttons) -Small and compact to fit in your pocket. ...read more.

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