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Applied Business Studies - A1 - Robinson Brothers

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A1- Robinson Brothers Activity:- Robinson Brothers Limited has been opened and trading since 1867. Their annual turnover �25m which allows investment for new products. Robinson Brothers have a huge diverse market listing some- * Pharmaceutical * Veterinary * Agrochemical * Photographic and Imaging Chemicals * Speciality polymer additives * Food & Beverage * Gas Odourant * Robac Chemicals The business has many countries that they distribute to. Some examples of Robinson Brothers' Global Sales: Europe-40% UK- 29% USA- 25% Far East- 6% The pie chart below shows each regions global sales. Location:- Robinson Brothers are located in West Bromwich on Phoenix Street. Robinson Brothers located in West Bromwich because it is used to be one of the largest industrial areas in Britain. ...read more.


Robinson Brothers in West Bromwich are split into two sections, which are split by Charles Street. One of the sections is on Charles Street, which is where the offices are, and the other is in Phoenix Street, which is where the factory is. Robinson Brothers had another site before that was based in the northeast in the United Kingdom. That site had to close down due to profit loss and competitively couldn't compete. This map shows both the Phoenix Street and Charles Street buildings. The map above shows many major roads near Robinson Brothers including M5, M6 and A41. Ownership:- Robinson Brothers LTD is a private limited company. ...read more.


Later on, as the business was settled some friends of the owners joined which increased the capital to invest in the business. Aims and Objectives:- Every business has aims and objectives. This is what a business wants to achieve and how they will achieve this. Robinson Brothers' aims are to sustain a steady business and increase the market share. They will do this by increasing their profit which is already at �1m annual profit. They will want the business' research and development to create or improve products. Robinson Brothers will also want to create an excellent customer service which keeps their consumers happy. Also Robinson Brothers would like to make a strong relationship with their customers and create a bespoke service. ?? ?? ?? ?? Omar Chaudhry Business Studies A1 ...read more.

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