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Applied Business Studies Unit 1

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Introduction In this piece of coursework I will study 2 companies called Chiquita and Quality Fish And Chips (QFC). QFC was opened in 2007 and was formally a closed down fish and chip shop. The older Fish & Chips shop that was there previously had closed down in 2001. The newer shop called Quality Fish & Chips has been made a fast food restaurant selling fish & chips, burgers, pizzas, kebabs and much more. Chiquita is a banana factory. It packages and sells bananas to different supermarkets. The most recent event for Chiquita was that the Glasgow depot closed in 2008, this was a big blow as there were only 2 depots left. This meant that less bananas can be distributed in the same space of time Criterion 1F (Chiquita) Chiquita is a banana factory with 2 depots in the UK. The local factory is located at: Low Mill Lane, Ravensthorpe Industrial Estate, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 3LN Main Activities Chiquita has 3 aims, they are: Their 3 aims are to: 1. Build a high performance organisation by making it more efficient and effective. 2. Strengthen the core business, in other words always be good at selling bananas. ...read more.


Criterion 1C (Small Business) In this section I will explain how the main activities help my small business to survive/make a profit/expand. * Provide Quality Food To The Local Community. This will help the business survive as providing a good service will mean customers will return to the shop and buy more food or could even tell friends and family to try the shop. * To prepare and cook there own food on site. This will mean that they are creating fresh food that will taste better and keep the customers coming to the shop and the food will also be healthier. * Deliver take away food within a 2 mile radius This will satisfy customers who cannot reach the store if they are injured, or live too far away. This could make people tell others around the area and will please even more people. * The Company Is A Sole Trader This will have certain advantages and disadvantages, e.g. a sole trader gets to keep 100% profit, but has unlimited liability. This can cause problems when the company tries to survive as the owner could make the wrong decision. ...read more.


Survive The more marketing that the company does the more products will be available for sales and then the company can sell more and earn more money and satisfy more customers. Researching and developments in a companies products can enhance the amount of money the company makes the more chance of survival for the company. The finance department is crucial, if a company didn't have some sort of financial department the company wouldn't stand a chance of survival as they would end up spending money they don't have. Expand Marketing helps a company expand as it makes new products to sell and makes extra money. Research helps the company expand as existing products can be enhanced t make the product better and satisfy more customers. The finance department helps a company expand as it can allocate a certain amount of money to save to buy a new building or rent one which the company can use for storage or an extra production line. Criterion 2A(Chiquita) The different parts of a company need to communicate to be successful, if they don't then the company will defiantly collapse. Criterion 3F(Chiquita) Criterion 3C(Chiquita) Criterion 3A (Chiquita) Criterion 4F (Chiquita) Criterion 4F (Small Business) Criterion 4C (Chiquita) Criterion 4C (Small Business) Criterion 4A (Chiquita) Criterion 4A (Small Business) Conclusion ?? ?? ?? ?? Scott Thornton Unit 1 0113 37448 ...read more.

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