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As part of my business course I have been asked to plan an event for Unit 20 Administration operations.

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Administration Assignment AVCE Business Contents Page Introduction 3 Statements- Role of an Administrator 4 Health and Safety 5 Teamwork 6 Contingency Plan 7 Evaluation form 8 Evidence of event 9 Diary/work plan 10 Introduction As part of my business course I have been asked to plan an event for Unit 20 Administration operations. In order to meet the criteria we had to form a group and plan an event and give out ideas to the completion and evaluation of the event project. My group consisted of Gemma B, Claire B, Rachael B and Rachael O and we had our first informal meeting. We had many ideas of an event we would like to arrange but very quickly found that that involved problems and it took quite a while to agree on an actual event as we had a lot of ideas. After considering all of the ideas we decided to arrange a guest speaker to come into the college and discuss a certain subject. Once we had an idea we set about arranging the event itself. I have written a work plan in order for you to see how the event was organised; I have included evidence to support the arrangement. When organising an event it is necessary to consider many different aspects and I have looked at: * Health and safety at the event. ...read more.


Our event will take place on college so we will have to find out the health and safety will be needed for us to have our event. Some of the health and safety rules that will be needed for our event to take place: * Safety exits * Max numbers allowed in event place * Food (health and hygiene if applicable) * Evacuation procedures * First aid procedures. As we are holding the event in college we need to establish that all health and safety regulation are in place, we need to establish this when we book the room for the event. We will be required to adopt the college health and safety requirements for the entire event. We will need to establish for a guest speaker were he will require any equipment for his presentation and follow the correct procedures for the supply of his equipment. We will have to ensure that the equipment is in good working order and has been put through college testing procedures. We will also need to ensure that there are no trailing wires where students and guests could injure themselves. Contingency plan A contingency plan is another way of doing things if the worst happens some times your contingency plan is as important as the actual planning of the event. ...read more.


* External communication (organising the guest speaker) * Verbal and written communication. * Experience organising rooms etc. * Plan work early to meet deadlines. It was very difficult to arrange the event because the group had a lot of different ideas, there was a change of plan from our first idea to organise a fancy dress day at college to having a guest speaker to come into the college. We changed the event because trying to organise the fancy dress day was difficult. In order to organise the event we had to decide on the event itself. We had to decide the venue, and what sort of paper work we were going to use e.g. memos, letters etc. We got people who attended the talk to fill in an evaluation form and what they thought of the event. Evaluating an event is a good way to see if it has been successful. If the event is not successful there is no point in repeating the exercise. Evaluation is very useful for an administrator as they highlight good and bad points and relevant action can be taken. If I were to do the assignment again I would plan my time better .I would plan each section and have that section completed before going on to something else and make sure deadlines are met. The aim of this assignment was to organise a successful event, I feel that this has been achieved. 1 ...read more.

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