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At the time when the economy was developing apace and the significant

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At the time when the economy was developing apace and the significant change on economic structure was progressing, the importance of service industry in economic system has been increasing steadily so to become one of principal drivers for most countries' economy development, e.g. In the United States, 78% of the GDP is attributed by service industry1. Due to such kind of tendency, the interrelated studies of service bearing high research value were developed, which crown multiple subject areas. Service Marketing, one of those areas, was not really dealt with until the 1970's either in Europe or the USA. Since that time it has grown considerably and has received much attention from various authors. Service marketing is the recognition that contacts between service providers and their customers is the basis of a process of building relationships, and the term service management is used in order to recognize the management of this relationship process. This project will focus on how to manage the service encounter to create customer's satisfactory experience, which is a prevalent topic of this research area. Service differentiates product by its four characteristics that are frequently expatiated in marketing literatures, i.e. intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, perish-ability. Zeithaml and Bitner (2002) also generalized service as deeds, process, and performance. ...read more.


In the service encounter stage, the provider can apply 5 dimensions to compare customer expectation and perceived service to assessing levels of service quality. If the perceived service cannot match customer's expectations, it will cause Service Quality Gap (Figure 4)4. The information on the gaps can help managers diagnose where performance improvement can best be targeted. The largest negative gaps, combined with assessment of where expectations are highest, facilitate prioritization of performance improvement. Equally, if gap scores in some aspects of service do turn out to be positive, implying expectations are actually not just being met but exceeded, then this allows managers to review whether they may be 'over-supplying' this particular feature of the service and whether there is potential for re-deployment of resources into features which are underperforming. Figure 4. Seven Service Quality Gaps Expect the service quality dimension, service encounter can be managed or evaluated by other interrelated elements. As Lovelock (2004) indicates that a service business can be viewed as a system made up of 3 overlapping elements, i.e.: * Service operations, where by inputs are processed and the elements of the service product are created. * Service delivery, during which final 'assembly' and deliver to the customer. * Service marketing, embraces all points of contact with customers, e.g. ...read more.


Then, it must produce and control its service quality as a high degree, because the customer's satisfaction actually is result of match of expectation and service quality. Of course, it also cannot forget the variables whatever is mentioned above. Only all of these dimensions are harmonized very well, the customers' experiences will reach the satisfactions what they expected. REFERENCE Lovelock, H. Christopher, 2004: 'Service Marketing - People, Technology, Strategy, 5th International Edition', Prentice Hall Adrian Palmer, 'Principles of Service Marketing', 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill Teresa A. Swartz and Dawn Iacobucci, 'Handbook of Service Marketing and Management' Grove, S. Fisk R.P., 2001: 'Service theatre: An analytical framework for services marketing', in Lovelock and Writz (2004) pp 78-87 Grove, S. Fisk R.P., 1997: 'The impact of other customers on service experiences: a critical incident examination of 'Getting Along'.' Journal of Retailing, 73(1): 63-85. James A. Fitzsimmons, 1999, 'Curriculum and Research in Service Operations Management' http://www.uwstout.edu/programs/bssm/pom.pdf 'Service Quality' http://faculty.fuqua.duke.edu/~fdv1/operatns472/SessionGraphics/9%20-%20Quality.pdf 1 Source: George T. Willingmyre, P.E. President, GTW Associates 2002 2 Source: C. H. Lovelock, 2004, 'Services Marketing - People, Technology, Strategy', pp. 34 3 Source: C. H. Lovelock, 2004, 'Services Marketing - People, Technology, Strategy', pp. 35 4 Source: C. H. Lovelock, 2004, 'Services Marketing - People, Technology, Strategy', pp. 412 5 Source: C. H. Lovelock, 2004, 'Services Marketing - People, Technology, Strategy', pp. 48 ?? ?? ?? ?? Services Marketing Service Encounter and Customer's Satisfactory Experience 1 ...read more.

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