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AVCE Marketing assignment - As part of our marketing assignment we looked into the market of bottled water.

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AVCE MARKETING ASSIGNMENT - TASK 1/PART 1 As part of our marketing assignment we looked into the market of bottled water. We chose this market as the school has started a healthy living campaign and have introduced water vending machines. The school is trying to promote the drinking of bottled water as there are many health benefits in doing so. Yet how did bottled water become such a phenomenon? After all, it appears to be little more than glorified tap water, daintily repackaged to fit the needs of disgruntled dieters everywhere, mislead by twenty-first century media scare tactics like 'your breath will stink if you don't chew Extra' for example, or 'your dieting is in vain if you don't drink bottled water' - the Atkins diet could be to blame for the sudden explosion in tap water. Companies have capitalised on this increased interest, and to ensure maximum profit, Market Research is essential. Market research is the collecting of data, the aim of which is to understand better what is happening in the marketing place, as the marketing department of a firm needs to know about consumer's views and economic trends. ...read more.


Other errors may be due to questionnaire design or data analysis. It is important that a questionnaire is carefully thought about and designed properly to obtain accurate data. Below are some rules for creating questionnaires: Clarify the purpose of the enquiry. The questions should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid leading questions. The questionnaire should follow a sequence and have a clear structure. The questionnaire is going to be made up of around 8 or 9 questions, and in it, it will include questions such as, "Where do you buy your water?" "How much do you spend on water per week?" "Is water your preferred drink now?" "Is drinking water really healthy?" Of course these are only example questions and I would expect to have varied them a little in my final questionnaire. To start of compiling my questionnaire I firstly drew up a rough page of ideas then begun work on Microsoft Pin point. Here I was able to lay down a question, and provide boxes for the reader to tick. I decided that a basic lay out was needed, so I ended up having a page with a border around, inset was the text of questions asking pupils about bottled water. ...read more.


It can be obtained from both internal and external sources: Internal - information that is already held within the organisation such as > Databases of computers > Sales invoices > Complaint letters > Sales information > Financial information External - internal needs to be put into context, since on its own it simply provides a snapshot of an organisation - nothing about how effective its performance is relative to that of its competitors, nor how the business could be threatened by these competitors. External information is by far the most popular source of marketing information, and in many instances it is sufficient to find the answer to market research questions. The different forms of external research are > Government statistics > Media > The internet > Market research companies such as key note, retail business > Market surveys The method of secondary research I have used is generally external. After seeing the performance and popularity of third-party brands like Classic succeeding in school, I wanted to find what the most popular bottled water was on an international scale, and did so using the internet and different company's websites. While being joint fourth on my research, Evian (a subsidiary of Danone) is the leading bottled water worldwide. ...read more.

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