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Bletchley Park - source related questions and answers

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Wahida Noor (11O) Bletchley Park C/Work (1 & 2) What can you learn from Source A about the work of Bletchley Park? Source A is a description of the work at Bletchley Park written by one of the intelligence staff in Hut 3. From Source A, you can learn that the work at Bletchley Park was much 'departmentalised'. This means people who worked there, worked in small groups rather than large groups. This is because those who do not work in Bletchley Park shouldn't get to know about how the work of Bletchley Park operated because information could leak out. "You never discussed your work with anyone except your little group that worked with you." This quote from source A shows that the small groups of employees at Bletchley Park had their own individual tasks, such as the Linguists who worked in Hut 3. Their job was to be able to identify a few letters then piece them together to extract a message. The staff of Hut 6 received the signals and messages, which it would then attempt to decode it. So each individual group didn't mix with the other groups. ...read more.


That gave them their depth of knowledge of whether something of a similar kind was known to have happened earlier". This quote doesn't say anything about Hut 6, which was where the codes were cracked, but they do give a good idea of the work in Hut 3 and show how much effort they must have put into cracking the codes used on the machines. There are limitations as to when it was written (no date). Source E on the other hand is a photo of the Enigma Machine. This machine helped Bletchley Park how to decode; numerous staff worked on the machine, this indicates the machines importance. But the source also has limitations; such as it doesn't explain its main purpose. It also doesn't contain any date of when the photo was taken. The author of the source is not mentioned, so we do not have a clue if the photo was taken by an inside staff of Bletchley Park or someone who didn't work with Bletchley Park. There is also no written explanation of how the machine worked or if it had made an impact. Because of the limits in source E, it doesn't help as much as to how Bletchley Park was able to crack the ...read more.


Source G gives information of the work in Hut 6, since it was written by one of the code breakers who worked in Hut 6, but the information it doesn't give is how useful Bletchley Park was to the war effort. The quote: "the magic moment comes when it really works and there it all is, the Italian, the German, or whatever it is". From this quote in the source you can learn that breaking the codes on the enigma machine was very important to the code breakers and they worked day and night to crack them, you can see this from the quote: "the magic moment". The writer uses exaggeration to show the success led to a positive impact on the war. The turning point was in 1941 when Bletchley Park was able to crack the German naval codes (Dolphin). Since then the importance of Bletchley Park increased and Churchill ordered that Bletchley Park should be given resources; this helped towards the panning of war strategies such as the Battle of Matapan. Source F does not explain the importance of Bletchley Park to the war effort, but Source G did give some evidence, because it showed by breaking the enigma codes, this had a positive impact on the war, so this does tell us Bletchley Park had made a difference. ...read more.

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