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Brand Tracking Survey - questionnaire

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Brand Tracking Survey This is a brand tracking survey that Steinlager beer might use. You will see where you can insert your own product category and brand name. Notice how the questions go from broad to specific. Keep that format if you add your own questions. Keep all of these questions! Be aware that in some situations, brand tracking may be concerned with which products the brand reminds consumers of (when the brand is on multiple products), instead of which brands the product reminds people of (as we do here). Parts of this survey come from: Keller, Kevin Lane (1998), Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, p382-383. You would conduct this kind of survey by telephone or in person. The interviewer can complete the questionnaire1. Alternatively, give respondents a printed copy to complete, but save any pages that mention the target brand until they have completed the first part. ...read more.


_______________________________ 2. _____________________________ 3. _______________________________ 4. _____________________________ 5. _______________________________ 6. _____________________________ 7. _______________________________ 8. _____________________________ Which brands of Telephone phone service would you consider buying? __________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Have you bought any Telephone service recently? Which brands? ________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Is this the sort of product that people use for practical reasons? Definitely NO Mostly NO Mostly YES Definitely YES Is this the sort of product that people use to express themselves? Definitely NO Mostly NO Mostly YES Definitely YES How negative are the consequences of choosing a bad Telephone service? Extremely negative Moderately negative Only slightly negative Not at all negative I want to ask you some general questions about a particular brand of Telephone service: Vodafone. Have you heard of Vodafone? NO NOT SURE YES (Ask this only if not mentioned above). When I say "Vodafone", what comes to your mind? A. _____________________________ B.___________________________ C.______________________________ D. ___________________________ E. ______________________________ F. ...read more.


Rugged j) Serious k) Trustworthy For the final few questions, I am interested in your overall opinion of Steinlager beer. How favourable is your attitude towards Vodafone Telephone service? Extremely Negative Somewhat Negative Neither Somewhat Positive Extremely Positive How well does Vodafone satisfy your needs? Extremely Poorly Fairly Poorly Neither Fairly Well Extremely Well How good a value is Vodafone? Extremely Bad Fairly Bad Neither Fairly Good Extremely Good Would you say Vodafone is a leading brand? Definitely Not No Not sure Yes Definitely Yes Finally, just a few questions to describe you: Gender: male female Age: Under 15 25-29 40-44 55-59 15-19 30-34 45-49 60-64 20-24 35-39 50-54 65+ Which ethnic group do you belong to? New Zealand European Pacific Islander Indian Maori Chinese Other (please state): If you live in New Zealand, but were not born here, when did you arrive? ______ month ______ year Thank you for your time and answers 1 I recommend that interviewers be native speakers of the same language as the respondents - or the nearest equivalent. It alleviates frustration on both sides. ?? ?? ?? ?? Strategic Brand Management ...read more.

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