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Brief History Of Next

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INTRODUCTION Brief History Of Next The company I will be reviewing for this assignment is NEXT Retails Ltd (located at lakeside shopping mall), which started operation in February 1982 comprising of four departments within their stores namely: men's wear, women's wear, children's wear and homes department. Presently NEXT have 350 stores around the UK and Eire and 50 franchise stores overseas. Over the last few years several larger format stores have opened across the UK and, in the summer of 2005, NEXT will be the anchor store at the new Manchester Arndale Centre with a store in excess of 80,000 square feet. The success of NEXT's unique and innovative shopping concept has provided an outstanding record of achievement in a comparatively short period of time. Role Of Human Resource Department in Next. In Next, the priority of the HR department is employing staff and making sure that the employees comply with the policies of the organisation. Also anything that has to do with conducting training for new and existing employees to keep up with the changes within and outside of the organisation. For example, when new staff are employed, the HR manager takes them round the store to show them how things are done on the shop floor, with the job description of that particular staff explaining what they are meant to do. The HR department makes sure all employees are trained properly in order to carry out their duties successfully. To help the employees the department ensures that they are able to learn and develop their skills right from day one, through an orientation session. This includes a familiarisation within the store with the fire and emergency procedures and basic health and safety rules. During this session the job role will explained in detail together with the company's expectations of the employee. Also the HR department is responsible for the welfare of the employees and the only source whereby employees can channel their problems through the organisation. ...read more.


* Collected and used for limited purposes. * Accurate and up-to-date. * Not kept for longer than necessary. * Processed in accordance with individuals' rights. * Kept secure. * Not transferred to countries without adequate protection. Under this Act, employees are entitled to know what personal data Next Retails Ltd is keeping relating to them and all employees must comply with this Act.If in any case, the organisation breach this Act the company could face prosecution. Race Relation Act 1976 This Act or law is vital to Next Retails Ltd, because putting into consideration the type of business they are into. They are ...to attract various people who are willing to work for them so in that case, employees must not be discriminated on account of ethnic background, specifying criteria different for men, women, ethnic minority candidates and who have a disability and which cannot be justified. Also deliberately setting out to exclude persons from specific groups. Any organisation found committing this offence, could either be sued by the employee or reported to the appropiate authority for necessary action. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Places specific responsibilities on employers relating to the recruitment and appointment process. The Act aims to ensure that a disabled person, who could be the best person for the job, is considered fairly. The Act seeks to ensure that a disability should not bar a person from employment unless it would genuinely prevent them from doing the job and there is nothing the employer can reasonably do to overcome difficulties resulting from the candidate's disability. The Act also imposes a duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments to their working arrangements and premises to prevent or reduce any substantial disadvantage that a disabled applicant would otherwise have. Reasonable adjustments to the job, to equipment or to the working environment, where practicable are simply a way of 'levelling the playing field' for disabled people. ...read more.


When recruiting will take place etc. This has already started in earnest in order to get everything ready before the proposed date of opening. Presently, the Area manager for the district and the store's HR manager now work hand in hand to see the goal achieved. In order to make the process stress free, they have also come to the conclusion that some of the people that worked for them during their sales period will be recalled back if still interested in working for the organisation because they still have their contact addresses and telephone numbers. From a reliable source in the organisation I gathered that planning already started a long time ago and an agency is saddled with the responsibility of employing and screening the applicants for various positions required. In that panel the Area manager for the district has directed someone from his office to help in the screening process. The agency has being given the list of employees needed and the positions in order for them to know the amount the number to recruit. For the new Manchester Arndale Centre, the shopping mall is almost completed all what is required is the finishing touches and a very reputable agency in Manchester has taken responsibility in doing the recruitment. Where you go to the agency and pick up an application form if interested and the set date for screening is scheduled for January 2005 1. The on-line questionnaire is very important to the agency because they will be able to know if you are up-to-date with the happenings around you and most importantly if you have a reason sense of reasoning, (IQ). 2. Advantages * Because it saves time. * If the applicants is eligible for recruitment. * It affords them to select immediately by seeing the application form. 3. Disadvantages * Applicants can be helped in filling the form. * Applicants can provide wrong information about him or her. * Applicants can be judge by the application filled rather than personal interview. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Johnson UNIT 15: RECRUITMENT & SELECTION BTEC ND GROUP 3 YR 2 1 ...read more.

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