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British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) as a Business

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British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) as a Business BNFL is an international nuclear energy business, wholly-owned by the UK Government. Its focus is to serve its nuclear utilities and government customers across the world by providing a broad range of technical and engineering products and services. The Company operates in the UK, Europe, Former Soviet Union, USA and Far East. There are two business groups: Nuclear Utilities Group "a leading provider of advanced reactor design, nuclear plant services, fuel manufacture, spent fuel recycling, engineering and transport services to nuclear utility customers" and Government Services Group "an international provider of nuclear clean-up, decommissioning and environmental services, together with nuclear facility management and operations, serving governments and the commercial nuclear industry". Key areas of activity are: � Fuel manufacture, reactor design and services - BNFL is one of the dominant forces in this �2.5 billion a year marketplace. � Electricity generation - BNFL is responsible for power generation from the UK's remaining operational Magnox stations. � Spent fuel services - BNFL is one of only two key players in the global market for the management and recycling of used reactor fuel. � Decommissioning and environmental services - BNFL is an international leader in decommissioning nuclear facilities and cleaning up the legacy of the Cold War. The importance of stakeholders BNFL Alpha (Assets, Liabilities and Financial Authority) is BNFL's internal customer, working as an interface with the UK government prior to the formation of the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority). BNFL Alpha will develop and place internal contracts for the management of BNFL's nuclear assets and liabilities and funding to be passed to the NDA. As the customer BNFL Alpha, will expect BNFL to manage these assets as a professional, reliable, service provider. BNFL must prove to the customer that it is the contractor of choice. Within the last year BNFL Alpha have set demanding targets for service delivery spanning all areas of overall management, operations and engineering. ...read more.


* Protection against discrimination through Sex Discrimination Act Race Relations Act Disability Discrimination Act Equal Pay Act British Nuclear Group policy is to employ people from all backgrounds, race, sex and those with disabilities. Offering opportunities through the recruitment and appraisal scheme to ensure the right person is in the right job at the right time for their ability. The broad role and banding structure ensures that the employee is paid on an equal basis. * Health and Safety laws The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 COSHH (Control of Substances hazardous to health) Screen Equipment Regulations British Nuclear Group has implemented extensive training and assessment to ensure the employee is carrying out their job safely * Pay and Hours Equal Pay Act National Minimum Wage Act 1998 Working Time Directive Parental Leave Directive (incorporated in the Employee Relations Act 1999) Part Time Workers Directive Temporary Workers Directive British Nuclear Group has adopted these acts through introduction of paternity leave (for mothers and partners), offering negotiable part time working hours and providing a negotiable 'career break' opportunity for all employees. * Data Protection Act 1998 British Nuclear Group have adopted the above act by creating a central record point where all electronic and paper systems that hold personal information about their employees, must be registered. All employee, including those employed by British Nuclear Group have a responsibility to their employer by: * Being available , willing and capable to work * Taking reasonable care and using their skills when doing the job * Taking proper care of their employer'spremises and equipment * Obeying reasonable orders * Playing fair with the employer British Nuclear Group hold regular meetings with the local convening authorities to agree the way forward for introducing new legislation, disciplinary action, pay strategies. An employee also has the option to join the local convening authority or union. Depending on the employee's role will depend on the union he/she will join, eg PCS for administration and non-specialist staff. ...read more.


Here is an example of the content of a badly written internal customer service provision from a Co-ordinator function: 1 The Manager will provide the staff and tools to complete the task 2 The Line Managers will manage the staff and tools within their own area - according to local requirements 3 The Co-ordinators will analyse and co-ordinate all training requirements within their own area - according to local requirements 4 The Administrators will provide support to the Co-ordinators 5 Provision will be in accordance with current site standards 6 Costs will be charged at standard rate As you can see from the content above, the service provider could have added a more detailed description of exactly what should be expected, for example: * A more detailed description of the what's expected of the staff (their job/role) and the type of tools to be expected, eg hardware, software, documents to be produced * How the Line Manager will manage the staff and tools, where they'll be located and how the customer should report any problems and raise any discrepancies about the staff and tools * A more detailed description of the service, for example, what the agreed task(s) are, timescales, deadlines, a breakdown of costs including penalty charges, * A more detailed description of legal aspects, for example, safety, quality and accountabilities, job purpose and measures (key performance indicators and progress reports) An external customer service provision will be based on the same principles. Within the nuclear industry with its sensitive, potentially hazardous, product/service, British Nuclear Group and its employees would seem the obvious 'contractor of choice'. The experience and training of its employees is second to none within the industry. The top tier of the organisation is transferable and the employees rely on the management to ensure that contract terms can be met. Transfer of the contract to a competitor may mean redundancies, changes to pay and conditions. The managers of British Nuclear Group rely on its employees to work with them to deliver, to the customer. Page 1 of 12 ...read more.

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