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Btec Business UNIT 1

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P3 Introduction There are many different functions within a business, these functions work together in order to achieve business aims and objectives. Each functional area has a speciality which it deals with only; however these cost centres link together to achieve set aims and objectives of the business overall - this means they are Interdependent. I will be identifying and explaining ten different functional activities from a large company called Tesco. (a) Identify and explain ten different functional activities carried out in a selected business. Tesco Marketing Tesco send out magazines about their products to millions of people within the U.K. These magazines don't just contain product and product prices; they are customized so that they attract customers (e.g. using prime colours). They contain articles about product features and why the product is very unique I special. However the same magazine isn't sent to all customers; Tesco send customers what they want to see, e.g. looking at a customer buying behaviour via their club card - this will tell Tesco's for example, that this person buys nappies and clothes for their young children / babies, therefore Tesco will send them a magazine to do with younger children that would include nappies, baby oils, clothes etc. ...read more.


letter for how many products they are still to deliver and on a certain date which would then go straight to the store to let them know; another one would be customers sending in letter for many purposes e.g. complaints, what they like about the company etc. Sales There is a sales team however most of them don't physically sell the product to the customer but are there to guide them on what product to buy. This is because products in a supermarket are just picked of the shelf and put into the basket or trolley to be scanned and taken home. However products that are sophisticated e.g. Linksys wireless internet, will need the help of a sales staff that will tell them what the product is about and persuade them to buy it; furthermore they will have a till next to them so they can sell the product and then move onto accessories for that product bought - this will be to get more sales. (b) Give a description of 5 key connections between different functional activities carried out in a selected business organisation and its strategic aims and objectives. If human resources don't train their staff to provide excellent quality customer service at all times, then it is most likely that the customers are going to take their business or trade somewhere else. ...read more.


Here Tesco are treating customers how they want to be treated and making them number one priority while selling them the product; this way Tesco are achieving their aims and objectives of the business. Information technology is a major part of big companies such as Tesco's, this is because it takes them through everyday. Machines such as an EPOS system or a bar code reader at the checkout - if they were not to work then customers are likely to get more frustrated and also leave the store and take their business elsewhere. Therefore if the technology isn't working then there is a problem and the customer service isn't there anymore - this may lead to a rapid decrease in the amount of customers who come to shop at the store. However all customers are a big part of Tesco and their aim and objective is to work for the customers and treat them how they want to be treated, therefore they may give them discount for the products they have brought, such as half price on all products. They may also have a back up system that may bring the system back to its original state and let the staff work for the customers again. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Business Mitesh Parmar Unit 1 - Introduction To Business Mr. Dankwah ...read more.

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