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BTEC First Diploma in Business, unit 1 Task 1

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Task - 1 Business 1 British Gas Plc Primary sector a) Business activities: British Gas used to be known as United Kingdom Monopoly Gas Supplier. British Gas is UK's largest gas supplier. They always try to provide their customers with the best possible customer service. Although London Energy supplies gas as well as electricity, British Gas has always been the main gas supplier in the United Kingdom. Although they are mainly in primary sector, they also provide some products and services for their customers which mean that they are also doing some tertiary activities. Examples of products British Gas sells: * Central heating systems * Boilers * Radiators * Showers Examples of services provided by British Gas: * Gas * Electricity * Central heating care * Home electrical care * Property care * Gas appliance care b) ...read more.


Reebok aim is to design the highest quality products to and keep up with the competitions against the other businesses in this sector. Task - 1 Business3 Samsung Secondary Sector a) Business activities: Samsung was founded in 1969 and has been delivering the world's highest quality electronic products since. Their aim is to make what their customers want and expect, and they have recently been named as number one consumer electronics brand by their customers. They made a massive growth and success especially within the mobile phone market. It is recognised as one of the top business runners in this sector. Examples of products Samsung make: * Televisions * Camcorders * Audio systems * Cameras * Monitors * Printers * Faxes * Cooking * Washing machines * Air conditioning Examples of services Samsung provide: * Online services * Online job opportunities * Insurance b) ...read more.


Liverpool FC belongs to tertiary sector, because their main activities are providing a service to their customers by playing football, entertaining them or serving them on the internet. Task - 1 Business5 Argos Tertiary sector a) Argos was established in 1973 and has been leading UK's general retailer merchandise with over �3.5 billion every year. Argos is a public limited company and has over 600 stores around the UK with employing over 23,000 people in total. Since 1973 Argos has focused on building a very strong and honest relationship with their customers so that is why they are now the UK's number one in electronic, toys, etc. Examples of products Argos sells: * Beds * Computer accessories * Dishwashers * Fridges/freezers * Sofas * Jewelleries * In car audio system * Computers/lap tops Examples of services that Argos provides: * Credit cards * Financial services * Free delivery * Insurance b) Argos is in tertiary sector, because their only activities are to serve their customers and sell their goods and service. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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