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Bullying at work

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Bullying at work Bullying in the workplace is a problem that many employers will come across. If bullying is handled badly, or goes unchecked, there can be serious problems for an organisation. However, behaviour that is considered bullying by one person, maybe be considered as firm management by another. There are many definitions of bullying. It can be said that bullying is offensive, intimidating or insulting behaviour towards an individual. There are many actions that both employers and employees can take when bullying takes place at work. As mentioned above, peoples views on what constitutes bullying can differ. Therefore, it is essential for the employers to give training to employees; to distinguish what is and what is not acceptable behaviour. Clear examples of what is considered to be bullying should demonstrated. However, a recent survey carried out by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), showed that line managers made up 38% of those accused of bullying, whilst 37% of accusations were levelled at peers. This research shows that there are problems with bullying throughout organisations. ...read more.


Because employers are the ones responsible for preventing bullying, it is in their best interests to make sure that everything possible is done to eradicate any bullying from the workplace. After all it will be the employers who eventually lose out if a complaint is made to an employment tribunal. Not only may they have to pay legal costs and compensation, but their reputation could be ruined and may also have the problem of potential loss of staff. They may also find it harder to find replacement employees. Examples of the acts covering discrimination are: * Sex Discrimination Act - protects employees from discrimination on the grounds of sex, marriage and gender reassignment * Race Relations Act 1976 - protects employees from discrimination on the grounds of colour, nationality, race and ethnic origin * Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - protects employees from discrimination or victimisation * Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 - protects employees from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation * Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 - protects employees from discrimination on the grounds of religion and belief Bullying at work or anywhere is unacceptable on moral grounds. ...read more.


Once investigations into the complaint have been done, a decision can be made on what actions should be taken. As said before, many employees find it difficult to make a complaint regarding bullying. However if the employee is sure that they are a victim of bullying then there are a number of things that can and should be done. Firstly the employee should let their union or staff representative know. They can also talk to their colleagues to see if they are having the same problems or not. A diary of all incidents can be kept. This should have the dates and times and what actually happened or what was said in it. Overall, it is clear to see that it is important for employers to take any complaint of bullying very seriously. The right actions and steps must be taken to ensure everything is being done properly and professionally. However, employees have to do their bit as well. Bullying can be very hard to recognise. Unless a formal compliant is made, there is not a lot that an employer can do. Also complaints to the employer need to be made first before employees go to an employment tribunal. ...read more.

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