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Bullying vs Workload

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BULLYING VS WORKLOAD Jan Long a clinical advisor at the Wiltshire and Swindon NHS Trust, staff support centre was one of the first to establish the anti-bullying rules in the health service. Long realised that there were no set conditions or terms regarding the accusations of bullying, it was an inhibiting issue. She also acknowledged that bullying is crucial within British hospitals. Recent studies carried out by Kent University suggest that one in three NHS workers are constantly victimised. ...read more.


Being a former victim, he conducted a campaign to support workplace victims. The bully- online website attracts five hundred people a day. Frequent users of this site are teachers and the medical profession. Field describes workplace bullies with having mentally impaired personalities, smart but cunning. The credentials to gaining promotions within the medical profession. They are attracted to the profession in order that power and control may be used. ...read more.


Val Wallace a general manager of the Andrea Adams Trust is another charity, which supports workplace anti-bullying. She suggests that a significant amount of NHS employees are being exploited, but believes the bully is the middle manager under extreme pressure to perform from his superiors and resentment from former colleagues. Long acknowledges the allegations of bullying are a deliberate cover up to the poor performance of work. Managers are finding it increasingly difficult to reprimand staff, especially when dealing with minority groups. Long believes bullying can be transformed if employees are re-educated, individually coaching and group courses. This will help employers to know if they are bullied. ...read more.

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