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Busines comparison between Tesco & Sainsburys

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The comparison between Tesco & Sainsburys Amir Latif Introduction: I am to make a price comparison of Tesco to Sainsbury. I had made the following steps to research, I had the information about the turnover of Tesco and Sainsburys in the last few years. I also had a list of items taken from Tesco and Sainsburys (Own branded, Branded and fruit and veg). I then had a shopping basket to do a price comparison between the two stores in a week and a year etc... The following is my coursework: It is shown in my price list comparison that Tesco is cheaper in price than Sainsburys. I have also researched and found out that Tesco's turnover is much higher than Sainsburys, from 1999 to 2001. In 1999 the turnover of Tesco was �17,158.00 m however Sainsburys turnover in 1999 was �16,433.00 m, the difference is that Tesco made �725.00 m turnover more than Sainsburys. Those results were only 1999, there are also results of turnover for 2000 which is the following: In 2000 Tesco's turnover (in BP) was �18,796.00 m, were as Sainsburys turnover in 2000 was �16,271.00 m, thus the turnover difference between the two was Tesco made �2,525.00 m more turnover than Sainburys. As you can see in this result that Tesco is making more money in 1999 and in 2000, also that Sainsburys turnover in 1999 to 2000 did not increase but decreased. Therefore Sainsburys was doing badly in 1999 and 2000 compared to Tesco, but Sainsburys did improve over the next years but it was still not making as much turnover as Tesco was, thus Tesco must have more customers than Sainsburys and they are selling more products than Sainsburys. ...read more.


Of Total's �0.53 Branded Products: Kingsmill White 7 Days Fresh Sliced Bread 800g �0.73 �0.73 �0.00 The same Wrigleys Airwaves Chewing Gum �0.32 �0.32 �0.00 The same Kelloggs Rice Krispies Squares �0.29 �0.29 �0.00 The same Kelloggs Rice Krispies 450g �1.52 �1.52 �0.00 The same Jacobs Cream Crackers 200g �0.35 �0.35 �0.00 The same Sunny Delight Florida Style 500ml �0.59 �0.59 �0.00 The same Lynx Body Spray Gravity 150ml �1.79 �1.89 �0.10 tesco Lynx After Shave Gravity 100ml �5.99 �5.99 �0.00 The same Mars Maltesers Bucket 800g �5.99 �5.99 �0.00 The same Mars Snickers Cruncher 4 Pack �0.99 �0.99 �0.00 The same Mars Ice Cream 500ml �2.48 �2.48 �0.00 The same Walkers Lites Cheese & Onion Crisps 6 Pack �0.96 �0.96 �0.00 The same Walkers Variety Crisps 24 Pack �2.75 �2.75 �0.00 The same Anchor Butter 500g �1.45 �1.45 �0.00 The same Sunpat Peanut Butter Smooth 227g �0.99 �0.99 �0.00 The same Organics Shampoo 2 In 1 Dry Damaged 200ml �1.47 �1.47 �0.00 The same Washing & Go 2 In 1 Universal Shampoo 300ml �1.99 �1.99 �0.00 The same Maryland Choc Chip & Hazelnut Cookies 150g �0.52 �0.52 �0.00 The same Sony Aa X8 Alkaline Batteries �1.59 �1.59 �0.00 The same Duracell 9 Volt �3.49 �3.49 �0.00 The same Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml �0.88 �0.90 �0.02 tesco Campbells Condensed Cream Of Tomato Soup �0.49 �0.45 �0.04 sainsburys Bassetts Jelly Babies 225g �0.98 �0.98 �0.00 The same Cadburys Choc Eclairs 207g Inc Wraps �1.05 �1.05 �0.00 The same Colgate Peroxyl 300ml �3.75 �3.75 �0.00 The same Colgate Plax Total Cool Mint Mouthwash 250ml �2.19 �2.20 �0.01 tesco Hugo Aftershave 100ml �20.00 �20.00 �0.00 The same Brut Aftershave 100ml �3.99 �3.99 �0.00 ...read more.


Which has created another problem for the Sainsburys in Finchley as it more difficult for them to find a better location than Tesco. Tesco have not got a better transport route for customers than Sainsburys do, also Tesco have a very large car park which is also very convenient for people who own cars (even thought Sainsburys do too). Which is also why customer chooses a store over another. Neither of them have a full local monopoly as they both have many customers and if Tesco changed the prices higher customer might decide to go to Sainsburys. Therefore they cannot hold control of the prices people have to pay to buy the goods, as there are other supermarkets in the local area they can shop from. But there is a local monopoly for certain goods as there is high demand of certain goods in a supermarket than in the other supermarket as mentioned above. There is a time when Sainsburys copies Tesco or Tesco copies, example: club card, which was a good idea that is why one supermarket followed the other. As far as I can see from the results etc, I see Tesco as a more successful company than Sainsburys the local as well as national. I did have a few problems with getting the information as some products where not available in certain supermarkets, which is why I picked the closest type of product from the store to the product of the other store. The problems I had with compiling my price survey did not have an effect on my conclusion. My conclusion is that Tesco in whole is a more successful company in my local area as well as nationally for the reasons above and the research I have made to use as evidence of my statements. ...read more.

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