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Business Administration - Human Management.

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Business Administration Human Management Case Study 1st Year HRM Suggest solutions to the problems faced by Dave and Debs. The first problem that needs to be addressed in my view is the clash of personalities that has occurred. Dave has made promises to Debs, which she feels are unlikely and unrealistic. He has set goals, which hold no motivation. Debs is shown to be motivated, not just by money but also by having an input with regards to the decisions made. The level of staff turnover is also affecting Debs because her friends are leaving the company, leaving her with less extrinsic satisfaction. The plans brought in by Dave, which were supposed to increase efficiency just left the staff feeling they were being mis-treated. So to assess Debs' problems Maslow's hierarchy of needs can be used. Fulfil Potential Confidence and Satisfaction Belonging (to group etc) Safety and Security Basic needs i.e. Food, water, and oxygen Within the case study job related barriers exist whereby features of the job itself, the repetitiveness, the 'them and us' feelings towards management and sales staff and the lack of interaction with friends result in a loss of direction and persistence. ...read more.


I think that it would be a wise decision to promote Debs to a semi-supervisory role within the firm whereby she was responsible for the work of those around her. Although she wouldn't be management she could overlook and help train the other operatives. The job titles are also shown to be an issue. I would change not only Debs' job title but also the job title "operative". Debs should receive the job title "Supervisory assistant" or something similar, whilst the operatives should be referred to as something like "telephone management team", which, whilst sounding more important, also has the word "team" in the title which automatically lets the person feel they are part of something. Dave needs to rid the company of its high staff turnover, not just to keep Debs happy but also to prevent the loss of earnings whilst new people come in and are trained. To do this I would introduce some kind of staff loyalty scheme. In my previous company members of staff could gain air miles for a good monthly attendance record and receive a tax free payment for services exceeding ten, twenty, thirty years and above. ...read more.


Dave could then set up a rule whereby the most accurate operative could go on a company-training course each year provided their attendance was satisfactory. The environment the operatives work in is described as boring, so Dave should allow them to decorate their work-space as long as the items aren't offensive. This would allow the operatives to personalise their environment into conditions within which they feel the most comfortable. So, in conclusion Dave needs to work on improving the job itself, the title, the need for intrinsic as well as extrinsic satisfaction, staff relations and staff turnover. He also needs to prevent accuracy falling, and the targets are fine as long as the operatives are rewarded in some way for meeting them. The operatives should, of course be supervised but that doesn't mean they have to be "treated like children". The staff should hold mutual respect for each other in the knowledge that one section couldn't function without another. Therefore supervision should not be so intense. To begin with though, Dave should call Debs back into his office to tell her that, while she was wrong to voice her objections in the way she did, they have been taken into account and action will be taken. ...read more.

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