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Business (Assignment Pl (Pur,Own,Size&scale))

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Assignment Intro I have been given a task to pick four business organisations and explain their main purposes, ownerships, size and scales, so in my assignment I chose to talk about these four businesses; car phone Warehouse, Oxfam, Garvey`s and Waltham forest council and explain how they operate. Carphone Warehouse Carphone warehouse is known to be the best and largest independent mobile phone retailers in UK; totally independent of all networks and manufacturers. Their main Purpose Their main purpose is to supply their customers with vast goods and service; they are also known for their great deals. They sell various amounts of goods and provide a range of services such as mobile phones, laptops, mobile accessories, internet broadband, delivery etc. They sell their goods and services 'at profit', in order to maintain their business and cover up all their expenses, they also offer great deals at an 'at cost' price on their products to intrigue the public (only for a limited amount of days) Ownership Carphone warehouse is a Public Limited Company and it falls under the 'private sector' they are registered with companies' house because their owners have limited liability for their actions and debts of the company (Limited liability means that the private assets of the shareholders are protected by the state). ...read more.


Advantages and disadvantages Within their business are many advantages and disadvantages; an advantage for this business is 'expenses are shared', so when purchasing products for the business or paying rent, tax etc the payments are split between partners. As for a disadvantage the owners have unlimited liability, which means if debts aren't paid all their private assets will be taken. Size & Scale of the business This business is micro with up to 5 employees in every branch; since this is a small business, they cannot afford to employ many people otherwise they'll receive less income, therefore they employ a maximum of 5 people to help them supply their customers with service and help maintain the business. Their scale of business is run regionally in London; with branches in 3 areas, Leyton, Leytonstone and Tottenham; with branches in different boroughs this gives the business fame to the public which could cause an increase to their customers. Oxfam International Oxfam international is a charity union with over 13 organisations working with over 3,000 partners in more than 100 countries; their main aim is to help feed the poor, shelter the homeless and find solution to poverty and injustice (ref, Wikipedia.com). ...read more.


their main purpose is to provide services for the community such as youth centres and homes for the homeless etc The services they provide is at an 'at free' cost in order to preserve the satisfaction of the public acquiring help from the government. Ownership This organisation falls under the public sector and is owned by the local government. The councillors are like the directors; they run the business; councillors are voted by the electors (the local public) and decisions are made democratically. Advantages and disadvantages They have various advantages as wells as disadvantages: Advantages such as receiving income from the government in order to satisfy the public and also gain support in order to acquire their needs. They must respond to all the complaints given and maintain their satisfaction. In addition, they must arrange the housing, gas and water bills. Size & Scale of the business This organisation has over 3 branches in Waltham forest borough. Their size of business is medium; therefore they employ up to 249 people to help them run and control their business. Their scale of business is regional; they have branches in certain parts throughout the Waltham forest borough like Leyton, Leytonstone, Walthamstow and Chingford to help the community and make sure their needs are dealt with. ...read more.

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