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Business At Work - An extensive report on McDonalds

Extracts from this document...


ST GEORGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE AVCE BUSINESS 6 UNIT Unit 1 Business At Work~McDonalds A Profile BY KATIE ZAFFIRO July 2001 1.0 INTRODUCTION 4 2.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION 4 3.0 (E1) MCDONALDS OWNERSHIP 4 3.1 ADVANTAGES TO BEING A FRANCHISE 5 3.2 DISADVANTAGES TO BEING A FRANCHISE 5 4.0 (E2) MCDONALDS OBJECTIVES 6 4.1 (C1) ACHIEVE PROFITABLE GROWTH 6 4.2 (C1) BE THE BEST EMPLOYER 6 5.0 (E3) DEPARTMENTS WITHIN MCDONALDS 8 5.1 HUMAN RESOURCES 9 5.2 MARKETING 9 5.3 ADMINISTRATION 10 5.4 FINANCE/ACCOUNTS 10 5.5 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 11 6.0 (E4) (C2) MANAGEMENT STYLES 11 6.1 AUTOCRATIC 11 6.2 DEMOCRATIC 12 6.3 LASSEZ-FAIRE 12 6.4 CONSULTATIVE 12 6.5 MCDONALDS MANAGEMENT STYLES-HEAD OFFICE 12 6.6 MCDONALDS MANAGEMENT STYLES-THE RESTAURANTS 13 7.0 (E4) (C2) CULTURES WITHIN MCDONALDS 13 7.1 MCDONALDS CULTURE 14 7.13 McDonalds Head Offices 14 7.14 McDonalds Restaurants 14 8.0 (C2) ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES 14 8.1 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MCDONALDS 15 8.2 MCDONALDS HEAD OFFICE 16 8.21 Head Office Structure & Its Effect On the Objectives 17 8.211 Achieve Profitable Growth 17 8.212 Be The Best Employer 17 8.3 MCDONALDS RESTAURANTS STRUCTURE 18 8.32 Restaurant Structure & The Effects On the Objectives 18 8.321 Achieve Profitable Growth 18 8.322 be the Best Employer 18 9.0 (E5) COMMUNICATION 19 9.1 VERTICAL & LATERAL COMMUNICATION 19 9.2 FORMAL & INFORMAL COMMUNICATION 19 9.3 RESTRICTED & OPEN COMMUNICATION CHANNELS 19 9.4 FACE TO FACE & MEETINGS 20 9.5 TELEPHONE & FAX 20 9.6 LETTERS & INTERNAL MEMOS 20 9.7 (C3) ICT 21 9.71 E-Mails 21 9.72 Websites 21 9.73 Business uses 22 9.74 Software 22 10.0 (E6) QUALITY SYSTEMS 23 10.1 QUALITY CONTROL 23 11.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 24 12.0 APPENDICES 24 1.0 INTRODUCTION For my business course, I have been asked to prepare a report for a business at work. I could choose any business to investigate. I decided to do McDonalds because it is globally recognised and of its size. ...read more.


The disadvantages are: ~ * Manager has less control * It takes a long time for things to get done. 6.3 LASSEZ-FAIRE The third and final management style is called lassez-faire, this means leaving things as they are and letting the workers decide who should do what. The advantages to using lassez-faire as a management style are: ~ * Staff can do the tasks that they like and what they want (Autonomy) * Very high staff morale and job satisfaction. The disadvantages to managing a business like this are: ~ * The manager has virtually no control. * Problems could be covered up by staff. * No staff development. 6.4 CONSULTATIVE Consultative management is a cross between autocratic and democratic management. While employees are able to submit their ideas, decision-making is still done by management. The good side of this management style is that the employees feel comfortable knowing their ideas are being listened to; this makes a better working environment. The bad side of this management style is that although the employees are listened to, they have little say in the decisions made. This means that decisions that the employees don't like may be made. 6.5 MCDONALDS MANAGEMENT STYLES-HEAD OFFICE The Head Office for McDonalds (U.K) mainly uses a democratic management style. Although they have one chairman, he only helps make the vitally important decisions and helps staff when they have a serious problem. Each of the functions that were highlighted in the previous section has a director that oversees all of the tasks undertaken by their department. Each of these departments have there own set of staff and each member of staff have a team that specialise in a certain area of the function. They work together to solve a problem that arises in that specific area, if they can't solve it they speak to the Head of the department. For example... ...read more.


* Graphics:- useful for designing logos or enhancing presentations. 10.0 (E6) QUALITY SYSTEMS All organisations that sell products directly to the customer need to ensure that their products are of the highest quality; there are many reasons for this such as: - * Businesses have to be certain that the products they are offering are at a better quality then those offered by competitors. * So that customers get to recognise that the product being of a high calibre, so they come back again and again. * If the product is faulty, they will lose money on reducing the item and offering another product or compensation as an apology. For many businesses, they place quality control points along various stages of production. McDonalds have to be certain that their meat is not contaminated before selling them. One of the first checks they most do is that the meat has not reached its expiry date or that it is not rotten. This needs to be done in both the factory and in the restaurant. Staff within the restaurant most be certain that the food is ok to be cooked. Meat left out is not allowed out must be chucked out if it is. Before McDonalds buy the meat from the suppliers, they check records taken from blood samples of the animals being sold to them to see if they are not contaminated. In the factory and restaurant, checks must be made to see that there are no foreign bodies in the product. By following all of these procedures and anymore that may exist, McDonalds can safeguard their profits and reputation. Because it is actually illegal to sell stale meat, McDonalds could lose a substantial amount of money after paying compensation. 10.1 QUALITY CONTROL Quality control is the process of checking the products at various stages of production to ensure that nothing has gone wrong. Traditionally, this was carried out by a sole quality controller, now more and more businesses are installing key points along key points of the production and asking staff members to check the products at these points. 11. ...read more.

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