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Business Communication. An informal report about different type of business information, their source and purpose used by Tesco.

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´╗┐Crushendae Campbell Business Communication To: Carole mar From: Crushendae Campbell Date: 22nd Subject: An informal report about different type of business information, their source and purpose used by Tesco. Introduction Business information is important to an organisation because it help the business to grown and develops with external information that is brought into the company to help their aims and purposes. To gain business information there are both way to gather, externally and internally. There are different types of method when going about the two ways above. Obtaining information internally is the gather information within the organisation between manager and employees. The difference between internally and externally is that externally is outside of the organisation or company is that externally is outside the company e.g. suppliers, shareholder. Internally is in the organisation and sharing information between members of staff and the manager through the intranet. Tesco is a well know company for fresh and naturally grown food. The reason why Tesco is such a large company is because of the information that they gather about their competition and how well they are doing. Business information using verbal methods When gather information within a business sometimes it has to be verbally. ...read more.


Tesco uses written information for many purpose such as to inform the public and it employee of information that they will need to know for the future. Tesco is one of the largest food retailers in Britain and so it will need to communicate to help the business to run smoothly. With written information Tesco is able to inform employees of meeting by email or even posting the information but with that they also have communicate with people outside of the company such as supplies, shareholder of the development and progress within the company . I have found external information that for the business of Tesco. This was provided by Tesco itself. As you can see this is one of the ways Tesco are able to use written method to keep in contact with their costumer employee and more. The purpose of this information was to show you why written information is important in such a large business as Tesco. The reason that it is lot better for Tesco to use written as a method of communication is because it cost nothing but also that it also very quick and easy to use methods such email, memos and letters. But with this method there are the weaknesses that come with a method such as emailing people. ...read more.


Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multimedia) Action A and action B to show how multimedia is being used on Tesco. This is external information from Tesco so it?s not just for the member of Tesco to visit but everyone outside the company as well as inside. The purpose of the business information is to explain why multimedia is great for businesses. It?s great for business because it more eye catching so it would grab the reader?s attention but also because it gives it more of a exciting feel to it than just reading pages of information. Business information using web based methods Web based methods are used in businesses because they are able to use search engines such as Google to help them gain more costumers if. The way that this works is by paying Google to lead anyone that types in anything that?s remotely close to what they offer and take them to their website. This would be a way of communicating with their costumers. This is an external piece of information that Tesco?s are promoting a buy get 1 free because Sainsbury?s are promoting their new offer for 70% off. This is a way of keeping up with their competition but ...read more.

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