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Business Communications

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Section 1 Terms of Reference To: Mr M Lantos From: ****** ******** Date: June 2008 Subject: Strategies to improve Communication at Preston Manor High School In this report I will be investigating the different types of communication at Preston Manor High School and how it can be improved. Communication is a process by which a message or information is exchanged from a sender to a receiver. Below is a diagram of the process of communication. For example, Mr Rigby may send Mr Graham a message asking for the names and forms of pupils who are going to become prefects in year 11. In this report I will carry out primary research because it is up to date and is a specific way to find out exactly what you want to find out. I can also use open and closed questionnaires depending on if I want to know what the person feels about their opinion or if I want answers that can be easily put into statistics. There are two types of communication in school. These are internal and external communication. Internal communication is between people in the same organisation. Internal communication links together all the different activities involved in the school and ensures all employees are working towards the same goal and know exactly what they should be doing and by when. Internal communication is important because it can motivate the workforce. It can also encourage the employees lower down the chain of command if their views are heard. Also clear communication can lead to employees doing their job and carrying out instructions properly. However, external communication is with the people outside the business. This is where the school communicates with people and organisations outside of the school's internal communication. The school would normally communicate with its stakeholders. Stakeholders are those who have an interest in the activities and results of the business. ...read more.


( may grasp their attention), Section 5 Communication and Stakeholders As mentioned earlier. Preston Manor has many stakeholders which they need to go their best to make them happy or satisfied with anything to do with the school. Some stakeholders or Preston Manor are: Parents, Governments, Suppliers, Residents (community) Staff, exam boards, local authority, pupils and ancillary staff. For Preston Manor to make themselves a better school or to achieve its aims and objectives they need to communicate with their stakeholders. However sometimes issues outside of their control may stop them from trying to communicate with their stakeholders. Examples of such situations are: * Postal Strikes. Postal strikes can happen at any time not expectantly. This leads to everyone in the country not being able to send or receive posts which could be important on many occasions. * Equipment However the amount of paper, ink and equipment used in the school is unaccountable. Sending out letters to thousands of parent's uses up a lot of paper, ink and preparation. Also students could lose or deliberately throw away letters. This can also cause confusion between the school and parents. * Language barriers Another major importance of letters is language barriers. Some families obviously don't have English as their first, second of third language. Therefore they can't read or write English which can also lead to unsuccessful communication between the school and parents. Part 2 Section 1 Legislation The Data Protection Act 1998 aims to regulate the use of data about individuals held in files (written records) or computers. This act prevents data to be passed around without permission to other people and other organisations. Naturally, if the data is about the person then this person can access the information. This act is mainly related to employees because employers must keep all employees written and computerised reports confidential. This is why employers need to keep all employee information secure and accurate. ...read more.


The reason that I am recommending this is because 50% of my primary research suggested these improvements being made to communication at Preston Manor. My second recommendation for improving communication at Preston Manor is to install speakers in Preston Manor. This would help improve communication internally because teachers don't always have time to check their emails. If too many emails are sent then it can be time consuming for teachers to read especially if there are a lot of unnecessary junk emails that teachers have to go through. Emails could also get lost and if the school is having technical problems then it is difficult for teachers to stay in contact with other. Also the morning briefing (face-to-face) that takes place in the staffroom every morning can be too long and impersonal. Some teachers may arrive late so they miss the important notices given in the briefing, also the fact that there are too many teachers in the briefing, some notices may not refer to them, so they are in result wasting their time, therefore the briefing being impersonal to them. Notices that are also handed out internally to teachers can waste a lot of paper, so installing speakers can reduce environmental and financial costs too. There are however some disadvantages to installing speakers, which are that messages can be made impersonal if every one is listening to it, and it can be hard to make speaker messages personal too. It is very costly since you may have to employ more IT staff, and responses are not seen by the receiver of the message. It can also be embarrassing if the message has something to do with someone getting told off. The reason that I am recommending this is because many teachers have complained about the junk email and impersonal meetings. It is also a way that Preston Manor cans save money on paper, rather than wasting it, making Preston Manor an environmentally friendly school. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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