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Business communications

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Business Communications 1. Describe who a business needs to communicate with and for what purpose (don't forget to mention all the different stakeholders) A business needs to communicate with stakeholders and stakeholders are people affected by the business' internal stakeholders are people in the business such as workers, managers, and security and promotion prospects. External stakeholders are people outside the business like customers, suppliers, local community and the government 1.1 Why does the business communicate with these groups e.g. why with customers....? The business communicates with the customers to show them new offers or new employees who have just join the company. 2. Explain why it is so important that businesses have good communications (give lots of examples of how good communications help a business and bad communications prevent a business from achieving their objectives It is important that a business have a good communications because a good communications helps in lot of ways it makes the business more clearer and also the people inside the business know how to talk to each other this will make the business achieve its objective and a bad communication will mean that the people inside the business will not be able to understand and probably wont be able to talk to each other clearly all of this will lead to a business not achieving it objectives1.6p. ...read more.


The Marketing Director, Production Director and Human Resources Director will be based at the company new facility in central London. What I have to do is find out the communication problems between the two places and find out a solution to the problems1.1 I have research about the different communication methods. Written is the main communication method and it includes reports, memos, notice boards but those are for people inside the business the stuff I would use to for good communication between the two places are letters, emails, faxes. Verbal is another main method and it includes telephone calls, face to face conversations, group meetings in person and group meetings through video conferencing. Visual is also a main method which includes films, poster, diagrams and charts. This is the research I have done to help me in this report The Problems The organisational structure of the business is the Board of directors, Managing Director, Finance Director, administration Director all in the head office production director, marketing director, Human resource director will be based at the company new facility site outside London Solutions/Recommendations The methods of communications I recommend is Written communication because it includes letters, emails, faxes. I recommend this method because this communication way is good for external communication. ...read more.


I interview another employee and she is a business specialist she uses faxes, emails, phones and she gives her letters to the . I interview 1 more employee and he is a business adviser he uses emails and phones and gives what he needs to be posted to . 3. It is important for my work experience organisation to have good communication internally because have good communication internally means the staff will all get along nicely so information gets through clearly and even if somebody needs to be fired it will be done easy this will lead to everyone working feeling relieve and happy at the job there doing. It is also important to have a good communication externally because with the customers they will feel like they have had a good service and will feel free to ask any questions if they have any problems and this will also lead to customers telling their friends about the good treatment they have received bringing my work experience more customers 4. The business is affected by some laws and those laws are employees have the right to be consulted about issues which affect them Papa got to add more stuff about the company laws 5. The organisation I am working in communication is strong but could be improve because sometimes the fax machine does not work and need repair which takes a couple of days so they could get a spare fax machine. ...read more.

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