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Business Plan

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BUSINESS PLAN The business is a version of a mobile library except we don't drive a truck around with books. We deliver to customers who have to call us to place their order or they could place their order online. Our delivery charges would be free so customers would only pay for what they have ordered. The website will be very easy to use especially for those who aren't experts at using the computer. The name of the business will be Rani's book rental services. The main business activities will include rental and delivery of books and all audio types. The main objectives of the first 12 months will be establishing a solid customer ground, accessing customers who live in the innermost parts of Shenfield and have no access to the Shenfield library because of the distance. The aim is to set up grounds and acquire enough customers and also providing books of all genres. I came up with the idea because most people living in Shenfield get home late from work and by that time the library's closed so it isn't available for them to use. Also most people leave quite far from the library and don't have access to the library. ...read more.


We asked some people if they would mind being delivered books to their home because we knew that not every one would like the idea of being brought books to their homes. For the 26% who didn't want this service we would make alternative arrangements for them to pick up their books or have it posted to their homes. We asked how people travelled to work because those who travelled by train and bus would require books and newspapers to keep them busy. The 60% who travel by train would need books and newspapers to keep them busy. We asked people if they would buy books from us because as a reward for joining us after some time customers would be able to buy books from us at reduced prices. For the 65% who said yes were probably informed of the offer and that 35% who didn't want to buy books had other offers so that they were satisfied customers. This was an important question because the staffs were mainly teenagers and we needed to establish the fact that the customers were comfortable with this. Also we needed to know that the consumers did not feel threatened by staff because of their ages. ...read more.


I have decided to take a grant from my local government because it would be better to start a new business without having huge debts. If I get a loan from a bank I would have huge debts because there would be large interest rates attached to the loan I take from the bank. Also if my grant is not large enough I will need to take out of my savings borrow from friends and families or cut back on my expenses. Conclusion For my idea to be a success I will need to stick to my plan. It will also depend on if a new competitor comes into the area or not. Also if some of our potential customers move out of the area then we will need to find ways of replacing them with newer customers or selling and renting more books. This business is all about risk taking, not all customers will return books and not all books will be in good condition so they would have to be replaced. This is not a major problem as all customers will be asked to pay for books that they have damaged or misplaced. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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