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Functional areas

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Introduction In this assignment I would be explaining the main functional areas of businesses and going to write them according to real businesses. Also going to explain them in great depth and make some mind maps to make them more shown. Functional areas Operations Obtain and convert resources of the business into goods/ services, for example: * building and land * equipment * people * materials Operations for example at richer sounds would call operations when a number of people put products together. At BMW they call operations productions and put things like DVD players, televisions, video players, hi-fi's, camcorders etc together from scratch. Also in richer sounds would include getting in raw materials and getting them ready for assembling. Other than putting things together they would also get raw materials in and let the purchasing department of how much they need and from there the purchasing department would go on and order them for them. In some businesses production is known as operations. Production is responsible for all the aspects relating to manufacture or assemble of goods e.g. what richer sounds do in operations is to put there products together and test them plenty of times to find out if they work to there full ability. Finance This department is concerned with money and future plans * Preparing accounts, e.g. invoices, management accounts, financial accounts of shareholders and Inland Revenue. * preparing wages and salaries * Obtaining capital and resources e.g. money for expansion or to pay for resources such as equipment and materials. In a business in like richer sounds the finance department would be preparing the wages and getting all the financial departments in the business sorted out. Also will be sorting out the documents such as: * cash flow forecast * account details for banks etc * invoices * receipts etc * All businesses must ensure their employee's are paid. ...read more.


* It can also motivate employees to work hard and be loyal to the business. * Training should be provided before staff begin working and then throughout an employee's career. * Training is usually classified in three ways: o Induction o On the Job o Off the Job * Promotion looks at where the business can move current employees up the career ladder. * Promotion is a way of motivating staff and employees who have first hand knowledge of the business. * The provision of effective training and development will give greater opportunities for promotion. Administration and it support ADMINISTRATION AT RICHER SOUNDS Although Richer Sounds, like all organisations, needs administrative support tasks carried out; there is no separate 'Administration' department. In addition, very few colleagues have the job title of 'Administrator'. Instead, Administration support tasks, such as filing, photocopying and document production, which must be done within each department, are undertaken by colleagues who work in that department. As an example, in the colleague profiles carried out by Dani Delany, our Service Administrator. New colleagues in a support department are more likely to have the job title 'Assistant'. This enables there departmental support colleagues to learn about the department as well as how Richer Sounds operates. They then have the same opportunities for internal promotion as richer sounds other colleagues. One obvious promotion opportunity is to the level of Personal Assistant (PA). Richer sounds have four PAs in the company. Julian Richer, Chairman of richer sounds has his own PA, Julie McCabe is now David Robinson's PA. Jez Avens and John Clayton both have a PA. Marketing and sales * This function ensures that consumers are aware of the business' product or service. * Marketing involves selling and promoting a product. * It is about satisfying customer needs through its business activities. * This department must ensure that the customers are at the centre of all these business activities. ...read more.


in the customer services department of richer sounds .they would communicate together though these things: * word of mouth- talking though mouth and sharing ideas from a person to another * Email- internet messaging service which millions of people use in the world today. * Through the phone- talking through the phone to each functional manager maybe Julia richer would find out if there doing well or not. * In the work messaging network (intranet) - in the network communicating service is where every one inside the business can communicate also known as intranet. * meetings- with the functional managers * Downwards - this is when messages are passed down through the hierarchy. This is where senior staff and managers communicate to less important people. These are often instructions and do not need a response. * Upwards - this is when messages are passed up through the hierarchy. This is where lower order staff communicates to more senior people. This will include replies, requests and information about results. * Sideways - this is when messages are passed between people on the same level of the hierarchy. These are often proposals or plans. * Written communication - letters, memos, documents, advertisements, e-mails and company reports and accounts and newsletters. * Oral communication - telephones, meetings, presentations, AGMs, mobile phones (including WAP phones) and telephone conferencing. * Video communication - video links, internet links and video conferencing. * Graphical communication - internet links, on screen and graphical drawings. Each functional area has its own SMART objectives to motivate the business and make the aims that can be done and are SMART. Every functional area together has one aim and there aims are all to achieve on thing in richer sounds case it would be to make a profit and increase in sales. USE THIS WEB SITE TO DO THIS WORK VERY HELPFULL www.atain.co.uk Password: avo 1025 sp4__---__--- IN CAPITALS Username: Avon ?? ?? ?? ?? $$ ASSIGNMENT 4 $$ - 1 - BTEC BUSINESS UNIT 1 ...read more.

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