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Business Courcework

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Business Coursework Synopsis For the business I created, I devised a Marketing scheme for my DVD/Game shop called first view, located on 147 high street north, using a combination of successful techniques and personal adjustments to achieve my goals below The competition will consist of the Blockbusters on barking road, Game station, and small local businesses along the high street I intend to use my advantages to either absorb them or divert their customers to my business, to achieve this I will use my marketing and advertising techniques for greater promotion, the details of which are located further in the coursework. Marketing Marketing is the means a company earns income, spends the income for its greater benefits, adapting to the market, the way a business stays afloat, manages capital and advertises its product(s) the heart of every business and helps every business out do its opposition Marketing Mix For the Price, place, product and promotion showing the strategies and marketing of First view 1. Place-knowing that this can make or break a business, I've decided to place the first shop on 447 high street north, knowing the flux of potential customers in the area, near existing rental shops which may be a gamble but placing my business in an existing market ensures customers, but requires more ways to attract customers from the existing branches of other businesses 2. Price-instead of Varied amounts for different Cd's I've decided to have four separate Categories in which the products will be divided according to the release Date* for * Brand New-Released within Four months (�30) ...read more.


Being a DVD/Rental business I acknowledge it will have a single main product, and product pricing will be of paramount importance, requiring to be competitive against well established brands in the area, and offering new possibilities for the customers as that will give us the upper hand in the business, and cannot allow any long term mistakes The first branch will be run by the manager, with four employees that take 4 hour shifts, with two 4 hour shifts making up the day, they will be responsible for the condition of the store, as well as serving customers and putting new products on the shelves Target Market The Rental business will be targeted at two specific groups, as the games section will be used mostly by children and teenagers, while the DVD/Rental side of the business will rely on middle aged Customers This is addressed in the questionnaire below, as well as analysis of which sections are popular with the customers, allowing the purchase of more films in that genre for the specific market Marketing Strategy The Marketing strategy for First View will be as follows While the shop is being set up, posters advertising the shop will be put on display as soon as work begins other shops belonging to the Corporation will also join in with the advertising campaign, and we do them the same favour The shop will open at Christmas, opening with special offers and holiday price cuts for new games and consoles released at the ...read more.


have the questions you need Questionnaire 1-What Product would you prefer to Purchase Films Games 2 Would you prefer to Rent Purchase 3 Would you use the in store Mini-cinema? Yes No 4 What Genre of films would you watch (tick multiple) * Romance * Comedy * Action * Horror * Sci-fi * War * Thriller * Anime * Family Movies * Documentaries * Other 5 What Genre of games would you play? * Adventure * Fighting * Massive Multiplayer Online Games * Role Playing Games * Shooters * Strategy 6 What Age group do you belong to? * 5-10 * 10-15 * 16-20 * 20-30 * 30+ 7 Would you be interested to become members of First view? Yes No Possible High Street North is the hub Of East ham, and already has Serious rivals Like Blockbusters and Game station, as well as local enterprises this may be a gamble but by placing myself in a high consumer area I am confident it will be worth it should my marketing scheme succeed The rivals shown in blue surround First View's location (red) this may be risky, but it ensures that I am in the heat of the consumer rush, and will be able to change policies much more freely than the larger names that are tied down by being controlled from elsewhere, and focusing on gains as a company, and not looking in a particular area, and that is why I chose this location ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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