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Business Economy

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Business Studies H/W- Case study- Conrack and Ecostore- Mr Halil (d) Examine the factors which might affect the choice of medium for each business. Conrack is a fairly small private limited company based in Manchester having only 2 retail outlets. The business had made a turnover of �800,000 and allowed a promotion budget of �15,000 in 2004. Eco-Store is a national company with a chain of stores throughout the country. It had mad a turnover in 2004, of over �200 million pounds. Both companies focus on being eco-friendly but may have a completely different choice of medium when coming to advertising. One factor that may influence the choice of medium is the size of each business. Conrack is fairly small whereas Eco-store is nationalised. Therefore it would be realistic for a company like Eco-store to advertise in National newspapers. This way millions of people will be able to see the advertisement and it will allow Eco-store to build its 'home nature' reputation highly. ...read more.


When the businesses have considered these factors they may choose the appropriate method to suit them. (e) The appropriate media advertising for Conrack is most likely to be the advertisements of a local scale rather than a national scale. I believe that a good place to start is the local newspaper, yellow pages, leaflet and local radio. On the other hand, a business like Eco-Store is most likely to be advertising on an internet website, national newspaper and a specialist magazine or even television. The local newspaper is good for Conrack because many people of the surrounding community are likely to read it and it will therefore reach a vast majority of the target market. One disadvantage of the local newspaper is that the advertisement would be fairly small and will cost in the region of �51. It could also mean that the advertisement is hidden behind the bigger advertisements of bigger companies. The Local newspaper could also be a disadvantage in that not many people will be interested. ...read more.


The other option for Conrack could be to advertise on the local radio; in recent years this has been proven to be very effective. It could be advantageous in that it: enables the use of sound, 'thought provoking' messages could be used, produced relatively cheaply. On the other hand, it isn't visual, no copy of material, consumers may forget as there is nothing to refer back to. Eco-friendly may choose the internet as an advertising medium as it has wide coverage, cheap to set up, global, number of hits can be measured. Both companies could incorporate the use of specialist magazines. This will mean there are more 'effective' consumers that are willing to buy the timber. It also means that many people may be interested and could attract local businesses to buy products in bulk. Both businesses could use many types of advertising that could enhance the image of there businesses and no business is limited in using each type of advertising medium. The best type of advertising is one which results are quickly seen. There are many other forms of advertising a business could use depending on the type of people they want to target and number. Anil Vekaria 12.10 ...read more.

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