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business enter prices

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Assignment: 1 Mr. Edwards Abdullah Saeed BETC Business Introduction: In this guide I will be discussing the Thorpe park. are different departments within a business that help the business to achieve their aims and objectives. E.g. all the tasks that have to be carried out by the business: Size, Scale, located and purpose of Thorpe park etc. THORPE PARK'S HISTORY In 1970, the site was an active gravel pit owned by Ready Mix Concrete and in 1971 work was granted for the construction of a 500 acre Water Park. Thunder River and its surrounding area were developed in 1987, and 1988 saw the opening of the 630 seat Palladium Theatre. In 1989 Canada Creek, incorporating Logger's Leap, was developed. Since 1991 many attractions have been added. Located: The park is located in a very good spot. It is surrounded by water which can be used as a river, and also attracts people as it can be used for the wet rides. ...read more.


Adverts appear in the local press to advertise two open days when prospective cast members can visit the Park and the selection process is put into place. The Recruitment Manager and team will also visit colleges and universities in order to make students aware of the job and career opportunities that exist at Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures (www.thropepark.co.uk) The Thorpe Park Vision and Mission Vision: Entertaining Peoples and is to be the global leader in location. Mission: To deliver real growth in profits to take Europe's leading. entertainment worldwide. The aims and objective of Thorpe Park are to. Make more sales than the previous year (Increase sales). Satisfy existing customer by providing quality service. Build on customer loyalty. Increase market share by gaining more customers. Enhance the image of Thorpe Park. CUSTOMER SERVICE: In the retail sector the standard of customer service was of a very high quality. Sales assistants in the retail shops were very friendly and polite towards all guests and fellow employees. ...read more.


An aim would be a long term plan, what a company wants to achieve in the long-run; but an objective would be short term, small steps towards the overall achievement of their aim. Thorpe Park offers a range of goods and services to make a profit. By developing their goods and services, customers will purchase more and return. Advantages Staffs are specialized in their areas. Likely to have set salary scales, set holiday entitlement, staff restaurant, a social club, luncheon vouchers, union. Greater scope for developing expertise. Will have formal procedures regarding e.g. recruitments, promotion, discipline, and staff appraisal. Disadvantages May be difficult to alter teams for specific tasks. Likely to encourage set ways of behavior. May slow decision-making. Size: Scale Purpose Ownership: Thorpe Park will employ about 600 seasonal casts this year. Thorpe Park of Adventures also employ 165 and 65 permanent cast respectively, with 15 of the 165 working across both the Parks. Www. ThorpePark.co.uk ?? ?? ?? ?? BETC UNIT1 BUSINESS :EXPLORE THE PURPOSE OF THORPE PARK OXFORD SCHOOL ...read more.

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