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Business Environment- Morrisons

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Business Environment BTEC HND Business Studies Introduction In this assignment I have chosen to use Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc. I will describe the objectives and responsibilities of the organisation with its environment, its economics, social and global environment, the organizations behaviour of the organization and the market environment and finally, I will also describe it's international trade and the European dimension. Executive Summary In this assignment I have written about the objectives and responsibilities of Morrisons Plc. Also, I have described the organisational operations, such as economic, social and global environment. Along with that the behaviour of the organisation and the market environment has been investigated. Finally, the significance of the international trade and the European dimension of the UK have been explored. Together, I have put together the business environment in which Morrisons operates. Most of the information has been collected and researched on the Morrisons website. Body of Report Objectives and Responsibilities Morrisons' has many objectives. Their main mission is to supply their consumers with great quality products at low prices, meaning absolute value. ...read more.


Advertising Standards Another important business responsibility is to advertise campaigns and offers to gain publicity and profits. This implies that an organisation must stick to the rules of advertising. It is possible to advertise in many ways including the use of billboards and audiovisual appliances such as TV and Radio. Another common way of advertising is the use of Newspapers, but this is becoming more and more limited to gain publicity through being environmentally friendly. The first step to advertising is to take note of the competition and opposition. After that, the organisation, in this case Morrsions, has to generate a more economical yet sophisticated way to gain public notice. Employment Condition All of the employees have to be well suited to what they are hired to do. This may mean turning down a disabled person because he or she cannot reach up onto high shelves to do stocking etc. Elderly citizens may also not be hired because of heavy boxes or lack of fitness/ energy. Elderly people are more often hired as a Member of the Board Committee. ...read more.


They also have to be aware of the safety of other staff and customers. Jobs, Training of Staff and Recruitment This organisation considers every application for a job, whatever their race maybe or if their inexperienced. This is because Morrisons is against human discrimination and because they train all their staff even if they know everything that is required. Donating to charity Morrisons do not have to donate any of their profits to charity, but they choose to because that is how they gain more customers and also how they play their part in "helping the world." Social Amenity All Morrisons' stores provide toilets and nappy changing units for babies. Some stored even store nappies in cases of emergency. Some Morrisons also provide parking for cars and disabled badge holder parking bays. Global Environment It is the responsibility of Morrisons to think wise about the environment. In doing so the company must always try to and be successful in being friendly to the environment, not only in the UK, but globally as well. It also has to be aware of the green concerns, by reducing: waste production, pollution, products which contain CFC. Sainsbury should also provide organic products, recycling of the wastes (e.g. plastic bags) and so on. ...read more.

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