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business evaluationn

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AO4- Evaluation In this section of the coursework, I will be evaluating the successfulness of the interview and documentation processes within my group by discussing the effectiveness of the group members and our professionalism whilst conducting the interview. This is related to their communicational standards as well as their social interactions towards the interviewees, I will also be evaluating how the group on general, including myself, acted when put under the pressure of questioning and responding to the different answers provided by applicants. The documentations will also be included in the evaluation as their effectiveness has to be assessed and also how relevant they were based on real documents. Interview Evaluation I had produced the questions based on the research conducted on Customer Service Advisors and to make them as relevant as possible, however, the research was rather basic and most of the questions were to find out information of what the interviewee was like, and where they had previously worked. I could have given specific areas to research to each group member rather than try and do it all on myself and split up the questions later on, this could have given a more successful basis to the questions and provided more detailed responses. I did however produce a table to which gave the questions, expected candidate responses, actual responses and a response assessment which provided a more suitable and professional appearance whilst allowing an effective analysis process. The Questions were provided to give some sort of relevance to the interviewers rather than having to think on the spot, it gave a suitable base in which the questions could have been chosen according to the different responses and body language from the applicants. Some of the first welcoming questions were given in three stages to make provide a variance, such as, "Would you like a drink," "Have you been waiting long," and so forth, this allowed the group to ask different questions based on the people being questioned. ...read more.


employ here, again we added it within our interview and now I feel it was something we needed to refer to rather than go into detail as we did. The job description gave a simple overview of the job role and what they would be looking to get paid and work a week. The duties and responsibilities as well as the brief description meant that the applicant would understand what we were looking for and if they were suitable to apply, however, the basic number qualifications could have been added in to make it even more suitable, therefore the applicants would know what degrees and grades we would be associating to our job role. The specification gave the number of GCSE grades and experience we were looking for which meant that together the job description and the specification were working well together and also suited the job. We included a physical essential that I feel should have been worded differently; to say we needed a "clear voiced" applicant was for me incorrect. It should have been more based on communicational skills and a more confident desirable. Team or social activities as well as personality aspects are seen in essential also but these are small issues, other than this, I feel both are successful and complete their roles well. As stated before, our interview was rather successful in its plan, we made concentrated on sections for each individual and when it came down to making notes, we took turns based on what questions were asked, also the grade given to the responses meant that we could evaluate effectively and without too much hassle. We had researched and included some of the legislation aspects within our application, and we believe we have concluded it up to a good standard, my knowledge has been relatively good up till now and we have been able to apply it successfully within our interview as well. ...read more.


The managerial position would also have to take much longer, the interview, induction and other sections as well due to the fact that we could be looking for the perfect applicant to support the job role. In particular our interview would be the most important section as it would be the time we would be speculating them personally face to face to review whether they were actually suited to the job role. Also, the documentation we produced for the responses and so forth would be altered, the expected responses would need to be more detailed and perhaps with more in depth knowledge of the company on general. The number of questions we asked would have to possible stay the increase should we wish to go into an in depth interview and not use a pilot interview process to filter the applicants down. If it was amore theoretical job role, then we could use some practical or hypothetical situations to review what type of person they were and how well they did under pressure, this could include a question on a certain situation and how they would handle it, be it a complaint or an internal circumstance which must be elaborated on. Overall I feel that my documentations and interview process has been successful, I have identified some of the aspects that I would alter, but some are due to internal constraints or insufficient time/funds to be able to perform another section. The members of the group and me have segregated the work and tried to work under a strict and concentrating role in order to get the best out of our work to produce a successful evaluation. We have produced documents fit for the purpose and tried as much as possible under some circumstances to prepare for a good interview process and I feel that this evaluation has made some good judgments over some of the impacts it would have as well as ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Jhon cena Business ...read more.

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