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business functional areas

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Functional Areas Introduction A company has many tasks. Theses must be done in order for them to succeed in the business world. These tasks are described as functional areas. The company elects or forwards a person to do a specific task. Renowned and big companies are split up into departments these departments are big and require are a lot of attention. Small firms may not need as many areas as a big company. This is because they are a small company. However they still need to ensure all the areas are covered despite not being spilt in to departments. Below is a description of functions carried out with in a business. * Human resources - This ensures the business has the best staff for the job and they can work in a safe environment. * Finance - This job will keep a record of all money coming in and going out of the business. They have responsibility for securing finances for future expansion and paying staff and suppliers. * Administration and ICT support - Ensure the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis. They have responsibility for clerical duties, cleaning, computer and software support, security and health and safety. * Operations - have the task of producing the goods or service in the most efficient way. This is done by making best use of the business's staff, machinery, building and raw materials. * Marketing and sales - will try and maximize the level of sales by carrying out market research and promoting the goods or service through a motivated sales team. * Customer service - will help the customer before and after a sale has been made by providing information, giving advice, providing credit facilities, delivering goods and providing after-sales support. ...read more.


eWave marketing is to analyse the feedback from customers and also to gain information about competitors. This because they can identify the future marketing strategy of the business. By marketing, eWave can decide how to advertise and promote the business and its products. eWave have many strategies for their marketing. As eWave specialise in web hosting they plan to host web sites for business such as restaurants. This marketing strategy is done by a member of the eWave team to go to restaurants and small firms and ask if they are interested in having their own web site. This is an effective strategy because many people will be told about this scheme which then hopefully eWave will get more customers for web hosting. Many companies whit in the reach of eWave were told about this scheme this will boost their reputation and promote their business. Another strategy eWave used to enhance the status of their business is handing out leaflets to the public. Their key target of distribution was in front of schools where their initial customers are meant to be. The manager of marketing Motosir Ali ensured that leaflets are to be distributed before the time of 3.30. Workshops were another form of eWave marketing techniques. They planned to hold workshops to schools. Schools were again targeted as eWave thought that at this location they would find most of their customers. The workshops would teach children about computers but also promote the business so that children could buy products and other accessories from eWave Research is a key factor in any business. Weather the business is a small firm or a large PLC the company needs to research. The business will research on the wants and needs of customers. ...read more.


distances * Saves a lot of time * Equipment is very expensive * Can sometimes be faults in equipment Written Communication -This form of communication is written. * Letter * Reports * Notice board * News letter * E-mail * Fax * Memos * Pigeon hole * Able to keep records * Fast and efficient * Urgent communication can take place * Can be time consuming * Inconvenient documents may distract running of business * Unsuitable replies which require swift action can consume time * Access to computers or internet might not always be available to sender and receiver * Can in some cases be expensive e.g. setting up email accounts Graphical communication - this form of communication uses pictures and diagrams. * Pictures * Diagrams * Charts * Web pages * Signs * Graphical ideas can be portrayed easier than written documents * Can be understood by people who don't have a good understanding of the English language. * Can be very expensive Within the business Notice board Business report Team meetings E-mail Telephone Training Outside the business Web pages External post Advertising Presentation E-mail Telephone Sainsbury's Plc companies have many jobs to do. Due to these jobs being significant they are split in to departments or functional areas. Functional areas are jobs specifically done within a department and they involve only that particular job. For instance marketing this department or functional area will only concentrate in marketing they will not get involved with human recourse or customer service likewise vice versa. Sainsbury's, just like all businesses must operate using their functional areas. Without these areas there would be no business. The main functional areas which take place within Sainsbury's are: * Finance * Human resources * Marketing * Administration ?? ?? ?? ?? _____________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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