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Business Functions for Sainsbury's

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Business Functions for Sainsbury's The business functions of Sainsbury's are as follows: MARKETING AND SALES The company has a separate Marketing and Sales department and market research is used in the forms of market research staff - using survey questionnaire - in streets and in store, customer focus mornings where feed back can be gained, and questionnaires regarding current promotions e.g. Reward Card. The company hopes to appeal to adults and younger people. The company advertises mainly through T.V and radio and through adverts in magazines and newspapers. The major influences on the price of the product are costs by the producer, competitors prices, regional pricing and select prices. The main costs of distribution are transport and other related fixed costs - depot vehicles and labour, fuel, consumables. The company is establishing closer links with suppliers by sharing vehicles. This helps the company to meet its objectives because it allows them to know what the customers want so they can provide a good service. ...read more.


The company also wouldn't be able to produce annual reports which are essential to any public limited company. One of the company's objectives is to generate sufficient profit and provide shareholders with an excellent return on their investment, having a finance department can help to achieve all this. PRODUCTION The products and services provided are cd/video, books, pharmaceuticals, a cook shop, food includes: - bakery, meat, fish produce, dairy, frozen foods, tinned/packets, also a customer restaurant and a petrol station. The production process is split into Inputs, the Process and Outputs. The Inputs are goods and commodities are received from suppliers and received 24 hours a day. The Process is that when received, all items are counted manually and taken to the warehouse - loaded on to special shelves. Information is recorded on the computer. Each department identifies goods needed. A list is made and items taken for display and sale in the shop. Department staffs replenish the shelves when needed under close supervision and management in order to supply a high class service to customers. ...read more.


and staff discounts. Employees have union representation through the following unions USDAW, T & GW Union, a Recognition Agreement of no negotiation rights. Currently 13% of employees are in a union. Human resources help the company meet its objectives by training and choosing the right staff. If the right staff wasn't chosen then the company's second objective wouldn't be achieved which is to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, efficiency of operation, convenience and customer service and a friendly shopping environment. MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION AND COMMUNICATION Internal methods of communication are through senior management weekly meetings, store manager meetings, deputy manager meetings, department manager monthly meetings with staff, staff/management daily meetings, External methods of communication are mail, phones, and through the Media - TV, Radio and Press. The company has set up Staff Councils, elected regular Representatives of Staff and guaranteed Communicators who will inform a group of people. Management, Administration and Communication help the company achieve its objectives because it allows them to discuss the state of company, which means they are then able to make any changes necessary. All this leads to a better store for the customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Fowaad Malik ...read more.

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