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Business Functions, Organisational Structures and Culture.

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BUSINESS FUNCTIONS, ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES AND CULTURE. * Describe and show the functional areas that exist within the organisation. * Explain how these help the business to meet its objective. All companies have split areas/departments where certain groups of people have a certain role in the business. These functions are important to a business as it helps with the every day-to-day running of it. These departments are: - * Human Resources * Finance * Research and Development * Marketing * ICT * Sales * Customer Service * Quality Control * Purchasing I have a copy of the Global Scott Bader Group Structure (see diagram) It is split into certain areas and functions of the business; finance, service, human resources, IT, Marketing R+D and Sales of composites, and marketing R+D and sales of speciality polymers. All of these departments have very important roles within the business they help with the every day running of the business and help the business to keep to its objectives. These departments will probably have their own certain objectives that they have to keep track of, so the business works well. The 'Finance Department' has a huge responsibility in the business I think it is probably one of the most important departments for a business and all the documents need to be correct and up to date so that the company can be efficient and in control of its transactions. ...read more.


As Scott Bader does not have external shareholders these accounts are not too dangerous for the outside world to see they cannot be bought out and this gives them an advantage they can compete more ferociously because they know if problems do occur at least the business is still in the hands of the employees. Scott Bader does have to budget though; this is where they would set financial targets (the money the company aims to make and spend in the year). The finance department supports other functional areas of the business. It has to pays debts and place orders of other departments inside its business. It tells the other departments, how much money is available to them and also gives advice. Such as if the 'Marketing and Sales' department of Scott Bader are going to spend money on new machinery that will make productivity higher and more efficient, then they would tell the finance department. They must make sure that departments don't over-spend. All the senior managers receive help from the finance department when they are making major decisions on expenditure because the finance department don't want them to make a huge mistake. Human Resources. Human Resources manage the people within the business, by recruiting, training and retaining employees with the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively it covers: * Human Resource Planning (H.R.P). ...read more.


Training can increase the levels of job satisfaction and motivation of the employees it increases the chance of promotion, which would make them, work harder. The research and development and marketing departments are linked and have to work together in a business to advertise and create a product, which consumers want. The research and development is the department that tries to find new and/or better ways to improve the product or service they do this by asking customers questionnaires and taking surveys about certain areas of the product. Customer satisfaction is important to a business because it makes customers loyal which means they will stay with the business and become regular customers. Scott Bader's Health and Safety has an extra meaningful ethos, it doesn't just keep the employees safe and up to date on the fire procedures etc but Scott Bader's health and safety targets in the UK are focused on through local objectives at departmental level and joint working between management, responsible care representatives, contractors and employees. Scott Bader aim: - * "To be accident free within the company and in the use of our products * To ensure we do not adversely affect the health of any employee, neighbour, visitor or customer by our activities or products To support the chemical industry's Responsible Care programme ...read more.

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