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business (Functions)

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Introduction My task given in this assignment is to describe four functional areas for my two organisations which are Carphone Warehouse and Oxfam International and relate how their functions operate in the two businesses. I will also include a brief description of the two organisations and add their purpose within their business. Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse is one of the most self-sufficient, recognised leading mobile phone retailers in the United Kingdom. Their main purpose is to provide a range of goods along with quality services such as mobile phones, laptops, internet broadband, delivery etc. at profit in order to sustain their business. They are a public limited company under the private sector, owned by shareholders and run by the directors. Carphone warehouse a large organisation with over 21,380 employees across Europe and their scale of business is across Europe. Functional Departments Carphone Warehouse success lies within their functional departments, these departments helps them to maintain their business and ensure that all important business activities are carried out effectively. Without these functional areas in the business, Carphone Warehouse could face vital problems. ...read more.


Place means identifying the right/ideal location to promote and sell the product. Product is identifying the types of goods and services to sell. Promotion is how the company will advertise the product. This department also use primary and secondary research to help market Carphone warehouse, primary research known as field research involves getting data directly about the product and market either through questionnaires or interviews. Secondary research known as desk research involves acquiring the summary or collection of existing data from the internet or books. Distribution Department Carphone Warehouse delivers products all across Europe. This department ensures that all goods are delivered to the right place on time in the exact condition directly to the customer who has ordered the parcel; Carphone Warehouse have many ways in ordering products either from telephone, internet or at store. They check that the delivery van load are safe and secure and also plan the roots of the vehicle before sending the parcel. When a product is bought from Carphone Warehouse, this department makes sure that deliveries match orders precisely and is sent to the exact address on time. ...read more.


Customer Service This department is important for Oxfam because this department helps them provide service to the public. They are all about bringing customers back and offering excellent service to the customers, helping Oxfam answer customers' enquiries, solving their customers' problems and dealing with customers' complaints. This functional area helps Oxfam deal with customers in the most respectful and polite manner and provide the best of service. Administration The admin department is the most important functional area it is a support function required by the organisation. The Admin department helps Oxfam carry out a wide range of tasks; which includes sending and receiving messages by fax, email or telephone, dealing with paper work, monitoring budgets and interviewing new staff. This department is very helpful to Oxfam as it makes sure that all requirements are fulfilled accurately and correctly. Human Resources This functional department helps Oxfam by advertising job vacancies to recruiting new experienced employees; to help them provide the best services. They maintain staff records and arrange staff training; to make sure they have the best of staff and encourage continuous professional development. Human resources helps the Oxfam have the best of staff in order to help develop and provide the best service to the public. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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