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Business GCSE Unit 1, A1

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Alton Towers Coursework. A1 Background Information Alton Towers is a theme park and resort located in Staffordshire. It attracts around 2.8 million visitors per year. It is the 11th most visited theme park in Europe. Alton Towers opened in 1980 as a theme park and in the 1990's it was purchased by 'The Tussauds Group'. They added 3 rides to the park on opening, 'The Corkscrew', 'Pirate Ship' and 'The Alpine Bob Sled Ride'. Over the years more rides were added and the theme park was heavily invested in. Alton Towers also have 3 hotels, a golf course, a conference centre, a spa and a water park. In 2005 Dubai International Capital bought Alton Towers when it purchased Tussauds for �800 million. In March 2007 The Tussauds Group was bought by Merlin Entertainments (MEG) for over �1 billion from Dubai International Capital. In July 2007 the theme park and resort was bought by Nick Leslau and his investment firm Prestbury who now lease the park back to Merlin Entertainments. Alton Towers is know for its breath taking rides, and has 35 in total. The rides range from children's froghoppers to extreme roller coasters. Alton Towers profits come mainly from families visiting the theme park and foreigners experiencing it when they're on holiday. It is said to be the most popular and thrilling theme park in the UK. Alton Towers is in the tertiary sector, meaning they sell products e.g. food, sweets, souvenirs but also provide a service, which people pay for, e.g. the theme park. Alton Towers has a lot of competition, as all theme parks are often getting new rides to be better than other theme parks. I think Alton Towers competes well because it caters for all ages and provides things other theme parks don't for example a hotel and spa. Alton Towers has been voted Britain's biggest and best theme park, and hold the record for the most visited theme park in England. ...read more.


not right or aren't delivered in time, this delays the building of the ride, this affects Alton Towers because say they are building a ride over January, February and march when they are not open and are due to open with a new ride, if the ride is delayed and not finished they would either not attract as many customers or not be able to open at all and loose out on important sales and profit. Over ambitious aims, objectives and targets - These could lead to Alton Towers not meeting their aims, objectives or targets, for example their profit target they could lower because they are unlikely to meet it. Alternatively they could do things like employ more people, offer more services, expand the park etc which would help bring in profits and expand the park. Problems with suppliers - These are things like ordered stock e.g. food not turning up on time, or being wrongly delivered. This affects Alton Towers because customers may complain and they cannot offer their goods, to overcome this they could be more cautious and make sure they are ordering from reliable suppliers. Location Alton Towers is located in Staffordshire, in-between Stoke on Trent, Derby and Uttoxeter. Factors Influencing Location Availability of skills - This means the amount of people in a certain area with appropriate skills to work at a particulate job. Many jobs are available at Alton Towers, for example managing a department, working on a stall, security guards, and ride operator. What the employee becomes depends on their age experience and qualifications. Alton is a small town and isn't highly populated but it is situated next to motorways because it is only an hours drive from Birmingham, England's second biggest city. Therefore it isn't hard for Alton Towers to find employees. Although some skills are required for different jobs. For example engineering skills are required if you are a ride fixer or operator. ...read more.


- �5.73 per hour Workers aged 18-21 - �4.77 per hour Workers aged 16-17 - �3.53 per hour Apprentices under the age of 19 are not entitled to the national minimum wage for the first 12 months. Cadbury World have to pay their employees at least the minimum wage, although for people with more advanced skills and higher qualifications they may offer a higher wage to attract them to the job. Around Cadbury there are not other chocolate factories that require skills required to make and decorate certain chocolates, therefore Cadbury would not have a problem employing people with the minimum wage. Cost of Premises - This was not an important factor for Cadbury World because they were looking to move into a bigger factory so they could produce more chocolate and become more well know. Therefore spending money on a bigger factory to help them succeed and make profits was not a major concern. Local Government Charges - These were not an important factor to Cadbury because it is only a small fraction of their sales revenue, also government charges are mostly the same everywhere. Financial Help - Cadburys do not need and have never had help from the government, this is because Birmingham is a high area of unemployment. This also means that the Cadbury family used all their own funds to buy the factory. Transport Links - These days Cadbury use Lorries, planes etc to send and receive their product/raw materials, although when Cadburys first moved to Bourneville they used the canals because they are situated very close to the canals and Birmingham has one of the best canal systems. Cadburys now use other transport links for example Lorries, because they are situated in Birmingham near motorways. History and Tradition - The Cadbury Family were very fair, and thought everyone should be treated equally. They therefore used their money to build schools, houses etc for the Bournville village. Another tradition they'll always have is being located in Bourneville, this is where Cadburys really set off. Therefore they will always have the factory there because it was their first major plant. ...read more.

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